A few of my C T Quadricornis Quadricornis


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A few pics of my Quad winston,he likes to chill out on a massive Ficus i have behind me in the office,he loves it on that tree and shows his happy mellow colours.


Have you seen the 'orange headed with red nails' quads variety that are coming in? They are very nice! One of our local pet stores has an old male for sale. Although he's got great color, he's obviously very old and I won't be buying him.
The orange on the sides of the head is extremely bright and the true red toe nails are an eye catcher too.
I've asked the owner to get me a trio of young adults or juveniles of the same coloration.
I'll take a pic of him if I can and post it.
Nice one sean i think these are Ch. quadricornis gracilior they look great dont they,would love to see a good pic i have just found a few
Winston is looking his beautiful best in these photos. This summer I would love to come and visit him;)

No problem lisa,it wont take you long to get to mine in your new speedy car!!!:D You could bring your ankaramy too!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxpleaseeeee!xx i'll love you forever!!!!!!! and he can have a good time with my female!!!:)
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