A few chameleon videos from u tube


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Holy S#@$H!!! I didn't know they can eat a grown mouse. It must be bad for they're digestive though. Pretty cool vid


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I used to feed my full grown parsonii pinkies. They'd each get one pinky per week for about a month leading up to their winter diapause. They seemed to love them.
But to see a full grown mouse snatched up like that and chomped is amazing. Shows how aggressive feeders Veileds can be!


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The mouse wasnt dead, it was still moving the whole video, I am sure pinky's once in a while are fine, but a full grown mouse can bite the tongue, the inside of the mouth, dangerous.

Vegas Chad

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I feed my veilds baby mice all the time... They bite hard enough to darn near chop them in half... They LOVE them, if they see the brown bag that I get them in they run to the door because they know what is come'n... Very much like my dogs do when they are about to get a treat.. :rolleyes:


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Maybe it's just me...but I'm not comfortable feeding my chameleon something that's more intelligent than the chameleon itself. Just something I wouldn't do.
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