A couple pictures to share!


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Here is Houdini all mad at the camera...he HATES if I zoom and the lens moves, so here he is all mad! The second is when he calmed down a bit. He's about 8 months old and is the son of Tiki Tiki's Mako..he has such a personality he acts so "how dare you take a picture, how dare you take me out of the shower!" I'm always laughing at him because he's super fast roaming the cage and he's always monkeying around!


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He is a beauty with personality!!! I love your fat faced little fish too even though I guess it is the wrong picture!
So funny I was thinking about you guys too was going to send the same pictures today to you but now that you've seen them no need! He's doing great, seems to get brighter by the day, I'll send you more of him when he's just hanging out also!
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