A couple amphibians.


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Went hiking today at one of my favorite places. I didnt do much searching for amphibians due to time restraints and we wanted to hike up through the stream. Lots of high rock walls and treturous terrain:D Here are a couple photos of the only two amphibians I spotted and terrain. Sorry for the terrible pics!!:eek:

Terrible pic of the Redback Salamander, Plethodon cinereus (lead back morph).

Not too shabby pic of the Northern Green Frog, Rana clamitans melanota.


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Looks like a beautiful place to hike. creatures are nice to. I spent about 10 to 15 minutes looking for amphibians in the first couple of pictures!!:(


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That definatly looks like a prime amphibian hangout!!! I bet it sounds wonderful out there!!! I LOVE the sound of natural running water!


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LOL!! Sorry guys!! I was pretty beat when I was posting this. I can see how you all would be searching in the first few pics:p

Here are a few more.

Edit: I guess this would be better in the General Photography section. Move it if you like, mods.
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OK, I guess the salamander is a Mountain Dusky Salamander, Desmognathus ochrophaeus. They are not known in the county I was hiking in so IDing it threw me off:eek:
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