9 months head bobbing?


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So I have had fry for quite awhile and in these past couple months he's become sexually mature. Seen a few sperm plugs here and there and he has been pacing A LOT. But today he threw colors I have never seen and he started head bobbing. It was very funny to watch.

Is it normal for them to do this without seeing a female? I was wearing a pretty colorful shirt. Do they ever react like that to clothing?

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Probably more territorial than anything, but who knows. I've had all number of species, and both sexes, of chameleons head-bob at me out of nowhere. I remember one female Oustalet's that would do it almost everytime I opened her cage door. In the absence of other male or female pardalis to display to, you're the next best thing. :) I adopted a 5.5 year old male that hadn't seen other pardalis since he was a baby. He would head-bob and display at my dog and a male veiled seemingly because he didn't know what he was supposed to fight or romance with.


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Hmm, very interesting. Thanks!

Well I'm glad fry likes me so much :D Makes sense though. He hasn't seen another cham since he was 3 months. Poor guy must be clueless.



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Pretty normal....

It's pretty normal. I also think some males have more "drive" than others. I've go enough of them to see very distinct differences. I've got one dude that started bobbing at about 4 months. He bobs every day and bobs at me a lot no matter what I wear. He will also color up at me. He's a little breeding machine now.


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never had my cham do it, but my girl is really shy and dosile, my male anoles do it all the time though.


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at 6 months old, my panther Splat has just started to leave me gifts on his basking vine.

no head bobing thank god. :D

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