72" cage for a veiled?


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Is a 72" tall mesh cage good for a full grown female Veiled? Mine is still a juvenile. But I'm shopping early so I know how much money I will need to save up. Right now she is in a 28"tall enclosure. Will a 72" be dangerous for her? I've read that sometimes they can fall off a branch and hurt themselves. But I also read that falling out of trees is what they do in the wild for a self defense tactic. They fall out of the tree intentionally to evade birds. They usually don't hurt themselves because their rib cages are made of cartiledge like our ears. But since we don't got the same conditions to build up their bones as they do in the wild, maybe a 72" could be dirty.
No 72" is not to big for an adult. Now for a youngster yeah that is probably way bigger then you would want to go. I would not worry about them falling.

I really would not want to stop anyone from being ambitious with enclosing an animal like this but a couple things to consider with a cage that big. Humidity will be harder to maintain. Now if you live in an area that has low humidity something like a custom humidifier maybe necessary. Temperatures can be harder to stabilize in a veiled's range depending on the outside temperatures and what your house thermostat is set at. Feeders will be be able to hide way better if you free range them. Maybe necessary to cup feed. Now personallities can play a part in this my veileds are pretty aggressive and do not have problems clearing their cage in a timely fashion of moving food. Not all veileds are like this though. Something you are go kind have to figure out for yourself. Now when I feed mine I always give my male one of the feeders out of my hand first. Then I dump in the rest of the food. He knows this routine and knows the game is on.
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