6 month old layin 37 eggs


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my chameleon has just layed 37 witch she is only 6 and a half months old
and no male have been near her is it normal for a 6 month old to lay 37 eggs looks like she going to lay more
Six months is very young and very hard on a female. After she recovers you need to cut back on her food and heat. When laying they need total privacy and if they see you looking they can abandon the hole and become egg bound. It it normal for them to lay ALL the eggs at once not part now and part later. I am attaching my egg laying/laying bin blog for you below.
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Uv had that happen but mine couldn't pull through it's just a lesson to control their eating at that age anyway good luck with that
Sometimes, no matter what you do they will lay eggs young. It certainly reduces the chance of it happening by controlling temps and reducing food intake.
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