6 month Ambilobe MALE

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Some personal stuff has come up and i can no longer keep Fredo.. It sucks, but i have to sell him.

He is from Chamalotchameleons, he is a BONZAI baby. I bought him in january. A month ago he had a respiratory infection but after a couple vet trips he is healthy as can be and growing a lot.

These pictures are from when he was 4 and 5 months old. He has a lot more color showing up but i have a hard time getting pictures of him in color. yellows, greens, blues, reds... pretty good temperament. Never had him even hiss at me.




Asking 200 for him plus whatever shipping is to your area. I'm in Utah. I'll sell his DYI 36x18x18 screen cage and three vines and a mistking including him for 350 plus whatever the shipping is. The pump has one nozzle and a seconds timer.

PM me if interested or text me at 801 682 5893. Carson
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