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Hey guys I had a 10.0 uvb for my jackson but his enclosure was only 20gal so someone recommended I switch to a 5.0 so I did. My question is now I have moved him to a bigger enclosure so would it be ok to switch back to a 10.0. I also have a veiled that will be using the same light.

Here is the new setup its 30inches tall

I got both 5.0 and 10.0 strip lights

my pie translucent veiled chameleon


my jackson chameleon on his old setup

from looking at you cage stick to the 5.0, and OMG what an amazing transluctant veiled chameleon
Still use the 5.0. The cage size really doesn't change this. The effective range (the penetration depth) of strip type fluorescents is similar, but the intensity of the particular UVB spectrum the lights produce is different. Your jax (and your veiled most likely) will do fine with a 5.0.
Thanks guys got the transluctant from an reptile expo. The guy tried to charge me more because he has two different color eyes but I talked him out of it. I will go with the 5.0 and use the 10.0 for my bearded dragon.

Some more pics


This was my old bulb
I use a 10.0 24inch and a 7800k 24 inch strip light along with a 60 watt heat lamp on my 2x2x4 cage and my jackson does just fine with it. I also us a live rubber tree with lots of bamboo and vines so she can hide if she want to but 99% of the time she stay within a foot from the top of the cage so she must like it:D
You are going to want to return the two linear lamps and fixtures you purchased.... R-Zilla is also known as "R-Killa". These lamps have been shown time and time again to generate unsafe levels of UV. They will harm your animal.

If you plan to hang your UVB lamps above the cage. Use a dual lamp fixture that will span both cages and install a 5.0 or 10.0 ZooMed Reptisun and a 6500K lamp. 6500K lamps can be purchased at Lowe's in pairs for about $7-8 in 48" T8 sized lamps. 6500k lamps keep plants alive and give more light spectrum and just more lumens to the cage. If you use the 10.0, hang the fixture so that the bottom of the lamps are about 2-3" above the tops of the cage. Since you are using a 30" cage, I would use a 5.0 and install aluminum foil to the back of the fixture to help reflect the UVB downward into the cage. This will increase your UVB by about 40%. When using the 5.0 lamps, be sure the lamps are nearly resting on the top of the cage to ensure proper saturation of the cage. I like to use the 10.0 lamps in my 48" fixture with a 6500K lamp and raise them up a tad so that there is more light spread on top of the cage. I also use aluminum foil as a reflector.
Thanks no one else mention that. Its not a big deal to take them back I just want my chams to be safe and from the sound of things I will save some money. Can you show a picture of the way you used the foil?
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