40 Gallon reef setup.

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I have a 40 gallon breeder aquarium that I began setting up for a reef fish tank, but I want to go another route.
The equipment is brand new and has never been run (aside from the few tests for leaks.) It needs to be sold as one package as it is all plumbed and ready. I wont part it out.
40 gallon breeder aquarium(36x18x16) with 12x4 overflow box.
- It is drilled for a "herbie style" drain with two 1.5 inch drains, one as a main and the other as a backup
- Tank is also drilled on either end on the back with 3/4inch returns with locline and spray nozzles
- Bulkheads are siliconed and leak proof.
Custom Wooden Black Laquered stand
- Furniture quality (made by my father who is a high-end carpenter by trade)
- 200+ dollars in cabinet hardware (http://www.shopalno.com/alno-centers-contemporary-pull-satin-6.html)
20 Gallon Sump tank
- Currently unaltered, needs a baffle or two or can be run as is
36" 6x 39 watt Tek Light T-5 fixture.
- Brand new, got it in January and never been used. No bulbs but it comes with splash shield
- Stand has an unpianted lighting bracket I made for it.
Quietone 4000 Return pump
- Rated for 1000 gallons per hour but moves it through the system at about 600 gph.
- Hard plumbed and sitting on some foam
2 Hydor Koralia 750 evolutions

Tank is all plumbed and set up, all it really needs are bulbs, a heater and livestock. Local pickup only please, and I'm willing to do the drive if you are close by. I'm in Miami Florida.
I'm looking to get 600 dollars for this setup, but of course this very negotiable.
Let me know.
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