4 month veiled in 10 gallon


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My friend has a 4 month old male veiled chameleon, And hes keepin him in a 10 gallon, with one of those 10 gallon toppers. he thinks this is fine. and he doesn't plan on making or buying a new setup anytime soon. is this okay?
i wouldnt think that it is ok at all. It 4 months my guy was in a 24x24x30 and now is in a 36x24x36. id really like to hear him buy a new one or ever build one himself
its a veiled. I'm getting ready to build a new permanent cage for my female veiled chameleon, the dimensions of the cage are 4 feet tall, 1 1/2 wide, and 1 foot deep, is this good enough?
i have heard many home mades are 4 high and 2 wide and 2 deep to give him a little shimmy side room. Im getting ready soon to make one that big but diezel needs to grow a wee bit more
your friends an idiot if you ask me like a ten gallonm for a 4 month old like think about it the chams most likely black and brown and about 7 or 8 inches long maybe more he needs a better cage like I and my buddie just made his dude a cage thats 5 feet high 4 feet long and 25 inches wide and his dude is 4 months old and he loves it in there it takes awile to find him but when yea do hes chillin nice colouration to but if i was you i would tell him hes not takin care of it properly and needs to do some research because its not far to his cham
I know what you mean by those "toppers."

Thats what Pet Warehouse puts their chameleons in around here. (By the way: they don't take care of ANY of their reptiles or birds properly. and their crickets are nasty )

seems like it would be a good idea for babies but I still see several problems with it.

a) they can still see their reflection in the glass, which I think would drive a veiled nuts.

b) Drainage would be a problem-- if your misting 3x a day and running a dripper all that water would just collect in the bottom

c) The bugs can escape.

d) He will need a much bigger, all screen cage soon enough anyway.
how about 2 feet wide, 4 feet tall, and one foot deep?

No way.... He will feel too vunerable and it's not enough turn a round room. My 5 month old veiled is one foot long already!. I just built him a new HUGE cage and he's finally happy. 3 feet tall (soon to be 4' tall) 31 inches wide and 2 feet deep.
You need front to back of cage depth for him and for the plants you put in there.
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but what about a female?

I do believe that the females are more tolerant and easier to put in smaller places. But why take the chance she is a more liberated female. You're building the new cage. Give her some room like you would the a male. Hey... Is this a chamsexual discrimination thing? HAHA
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