4-4.5' "Biak-Type" GTP FS

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Chris Anderson

Dr. House of Chameleons
I'm selling this 4-4.5 foot "Biak-Type" GTP. I can't guarantee sex as I haven't and don't want to probe it but based on the lack of sperm plugs in it's shed (see photo), I believe it to be a female (but won't guarantee). "She" is captive bred and has been in my care for a little over a year. Excellent feeder. $400 plus shipping takes her. I'm located in upstate NY. Email me at [email protected] for more information or if interested.



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Hey Chris,
With a snake that size, it should be pretty easy to sex if you feel comfortable with restraint.

With a lubricated probe, you slip it gently into the cloaca caudally (towards the tail.) If it goes to the depth of 5-6 scales its a male, if it only goes 2-3 its a female. Remember, the hemipenes of the male are like two icecream cones right next to each other, so when your probing slide along the outsides of the body.

If you don't have a probe, I have used hemming pins with the plastic balls on the end. (insert the plastic ball into the cloaca, not the sharp part.)

If you are reasonably gentle this should not be a problem. You do not have to sterilize the probe (remember where you are putting it:) ).

I know you have sold her/him, but it might be of interest to the new owner.
I sent the thread too early..

My guess is that you already know how to do this. Is she easy to handle?
a23cham-Yes, this is a cham forum but I personally prefered to see this snake go to a cham keeper (which it now is) as many of the aspects of keeping this type of snake are, in my opinion, similar to chameleon care (arboreal, high humidity, ventilation, etc.). Thanks for your concern...

MWheelock-I'm familiar with the theory of probing and have done it before but this snake isn't a fan of being bothered and isn't very good about tubing so with my limited experience and not being able to tube "her", I didn't want to risk hurting the snake as it struggled. Anyway, "she"'s going to a cham keeper who is really just looking for another nice display animal so sexing it isn't a big concern at this point. I appreciate the help though!

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