4.3 mo old Panther


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Just wanted to share my little guy, finally shed on the 1st, guess he was waiting for it to be Spring! Cause it sure "sprung" Friday, in 4 hrs/40min :)
Beautiful guy, I am noticing though have issues catching it on film, rango showing aqua blues and his red’s! Thanks for sharing. :D


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LOL you timed his shed? :D He looks great and each times he shed he will look more and more amazing
Ok, no didn't time it. But at 1pm he looked totally normal, had him out, no signs of a shed. Left and when I came back at 6:40 he was totally done!. He just exploded!!
Oh thank you for the color compliment!.
I know my breeder says it takes like a year or more to get full color so I don't know if he's colorful or not. If that makes sense! :)
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