3 month old veiled eyes swollen


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i have a 3 month old veild and it got rained on with some of my other chameleons out side in a bad rain storm when i wasnt home and his eyes look swollen and has like mucus in his mouth when he opens it like every 2 min helpp
Chameleons naturally have some saliva that sometimes looks like thin strings from top to bottom. however, when you say mucous, what do you mean? Can you hear any sounds like a popping when he does this? It is possible he could have Respiratory infection. It would be helpful to post some pics of your little guy. From the pics we can look at his eyes too.
It is possible that he might have aspirated water from the storm. For the future I would make sure that your chams have some shelter out of the rain if you are going to leave them outside. Atleast in the wild they can seek cover. When they are stuck in a cage, they cannot. I would get him to a vet.
they do have cover i had 8 outside he was the onlyone that staid on a vine holdin on in the rain before i took them all in
Oh that is good, so he just started doing the mouth thing after he got caught in the rain then? and the eyes too?
if he aspirated water into his lungs that could be causing the breathing prob I would think. I have no clue why his eyes would swell. Maybe someone else on here can give you some insight into this. Again, I am guessing because we do not know for sure that occurred but certainly is a possibility.
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