3 month old Female Ambilobe /Faly cross beautiful girl

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Carrie Anne

3 month old Nosey Faly / Ambilobe female Cross the father Gabe = Ambilobe and Mother Penelope = Nosey Faly are pictured with her, she is a little piggy eats all you give. The mother Penelope is wild caught so half the blood line in new and fresh. If your in to designing Beautiful crosses she is a must to the collection. 200 plus shipping will only trade for a Ambilobe female wc or f1 and yes this is the best price I will do for a quality cham I have spent a year and a half to create.

SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY !! please don't ask me 5,000 questions then tell me you have to talk to your wife or husband that seems to be the popular time waster excuse these days. [email protected] or text or call 973 563 9097 PHONE CONVERSATION is preferred. Anyone 16 years or under please have a parent or guardian contact us if you are interested in this cham.


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