3-4 mnth ambilobes cheap for christmas

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hey everyone i havnt been on here in a while due to working at fedex and it being christmas time lol but i still have 9 chams ranging from 3-4 months i am a big saltwater reef hobbyist so i just dont have the time, room or $ to keep theses guys much longer i will run a deal until christmas i will do $150 on the males and $95 on the females plus shipping these guy eat greeeeat and have no problems i mist them now but i did have a drip system so they will probly do well with either the sire is my avatar pic on here iv been trying to find more pics of him but a few months ago my computer crashed and idk if i can get any of my pics back of him but he was ammmmmazing his blues and greens and yellows were crazy when he was at rest and when he fired up he turned a crazy red and orange but these are all from the same clutch they were born all in a 2 month span but the first people to buy them will get the oldest ones first or i can send individual pics and let you choose but here are a few of the babys if you have any questions feel free to ask the best way to reach me is to call or txt me at 7044602443 i work alot so if i miss your call just leave a message and i get back with you asap thanks.
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