2x2x3 big enough?


This is my first time owning a chameleon. It's a female veiled, 6 or so months old. We purchased a 2ftx2ftx3ft cage for her before doing enough research (I know, stupid), but I think this size should be okay for her. We've owned her for a little under two months now. Does this seem like an appropriate size?
Ah, thank you, that's a relief. I had had this little niggling thought in the back of my mind that I was going to have to buy another cage!
lol...if it was a male..then i would of suggestes a 2x2x4, but females are generally smalller, so it should be fine:)
yes 3 feet tall is perfectly acceptable, females dont get too too big. i focus more on base dimensions too allow for a potted plant and an appropriate sized laying bin
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