2010 full lunar eclipse


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Hey guys,

Yesterday we (Eastern US) had a full lunar eclipse that occurred on the winter solstice. I was crazy enough to stay up to 4 AM to photograph it. :D I only managed 4 good photos since I had to fight the clouds all night. :mad: Sadly photobucket really degrades the photos; the originals do not look this bad! :rolleyes: These were only taken with a 55mil lens, I really need a bigger one!:(






My favorite pic (full eclipse) cropped a bit. :)
Thanks for sharing. We wanted to watch the eclipse but were so fogged in we couldn't see off the end of our deck. Last night was perfect - go figure.
Yup, we were going to head off to the beach and watch it but it would have been impossible with the clouds in the way. It has been raining NON-STOP literally for the past 3 days and nights. Thank you for the pictures!:)
I watched it at midnight (West coast of Canada). There were periodic clouds, but I got to see most of it. Pretty kewl.

I think the next one visible from North America isnt until 2019.
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