20% OFF all Frogs at Josh's Frogs!


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20% OFF FROG SALE at Josh's Frogs!
Bred by us for you! Healthy, captive bred 2-4 month old animals! ALL 20% off through December 31st! Use coupon code 12DAYS at checkout.
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Tinctorius as low as $20 each!
Solomon Island Leaf Frogs for just $40ea!
Yellow Spotted Climbing Toads as low as $32ea!
Amazon Milk Frogs for just $48ea!
ALL FROGS are 20% OFF with coupon code 12DAYS!

We have a HUGE selection of Frogs at Josh's Frogs!
Bred by us for you! All healthy, captive bred frogs available at great prices.
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$39.99 FLAT RATE shipping on frogs, no matter how many you buy! Also, select fruit fly cultures and springtail cultures can ship with your frogs, for no additional shipping charge!
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