2 different species in same cage


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I have a 4 month old jackson cham, my girlfriend realy loves the panther chameleons and since we don't have a extra cage liying aroundwas wondering if we buy a baby panther could we put them into the same 100 gallons screen vivarium?


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I wouldn't say im a professional cham owner (mostly because im not actually an owner), But what i have been reading about chameleons says that they are extremely territorial. What you could end up with is one hen pecking the other.

The other thing is that they are from two different areas. Jackson's hail from mainland africa whereas Panthers come from madagascar. Although i would say this would be the least of the problems.


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yea thats a really no no. chameleons belong in separate cages and are never to be caged together. they will fight and one or both could die from the fighting

Brad Ramsey

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Absolutely not.
The stress alone would be so unfair to them, not to mention
any fighting or illness that would result from this bad idea.
Wait until you can get a second enclosure for a Panther.



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Panthers and jacksons come from two different places, require different temps, different humidity levels, different amounts of dustings, different a lot of things. Panthers come from jungles in madagascar but jacksons are a mountainious species from inland africa, I think lol.
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