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Would it be okay to put a male n female chams together in a cage? I have a 5 foot cage that has a ficus in it, but i was thinking of putting another plant inside so i can maybe put another cham inside. I already have a female jackson, but since i started working at petsmart, they have gotten a new male jackson (i didnt know about the horn issue so when i saw the horned one which is smaller than mines, i knew he was male and that miens was a female) right now the female is it a 4.5 foot ficus and i would add a weeping ficus ( or whatever its called ) for the male, but the weeping plant is only like 3 feet or so.
It isn't a good idea to cage two Jackson's together. Here is a quote from the September issue of Chameleon News. This is from Questions and Answers, and was written by Chris Anderson.

"Q: Cohabitation…again…

Can you house a male and female Jackson Chameleon together without any problems??

A. I would not recommend this practice unless you have a considerable amount of chameleon experience to help you observe your pair and spot problems and a very large enclosure to keep them in. Chameleons are not forced into close quarters with other animals in the wild. They are always able to leave their tree to get away from any other animal they desire. In a cage-even a large one-they are unable to do this effectively and it can be extremely stressful. While Jackson's are rather easy going chameleons, different individuals will react to the situation differently and this is where a need for experience comes in. Without being able to notice subtle issues, this could easily lead to stress, illness or injury. It's best to keep them separate except for breeding. Please read the following article which can also be found in the above "Article Reference" page: Cohabitation."

Click here for the article that is referenced.

Well, I was forced into buying the male jackson eariler than noted due to many people wanting him. They couldnt have him on hold any longer. ive put him inside with my female cham which is pushing 1 month soon. He seems to be around 2 weeks or so. When he was first introduced he did change black but I guess it was because of the new surroundings. They've been together for 2 days now and he seems to be a really nice green as he is still shedding right now. They sit close around each other as of now to bask so i dunno.

Also this may seem kinda wierd to ask, but would it be okay to add a Green dumpy frog for the bottom area of the ficus plant/ right now i dump my crickets there since they do bad in a plastic tub...
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