2.1 CB Carpets (furcifer lateralis lateralis)

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I have decided to sell my carpets and concentrate on other projects. These are 2 males and 1 female CB adult carpets, all 3 just over a year old and all 3 in perfect condition. $150 each plus shipping or $250 plus shipping for the pair. The female and one of the males are an unrelated pair so could be great for a breeding project. All 3 come from Kevin Stanford (the Carpet Whisperer) The pics are as follows:
1. unrelated male
2. male that shares a father with female
3. female
I am interested in trades for breeding age ambilobe females from a red bodied blue bar bloodline.

Thanks for looking!
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Reducing price.

Female $125, males $100 each plus shipping. If you buy all 3 I will do $325 shipped.

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