- 17 & no power Harry New Year


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Just yet another reminder, for those of us living in cold climates, we need to be prepared to care for our pets if we lose power. At 11:50 pm last night we lost power and it was -17 outside. We have a generator so my chams will not even know they had a change in their world. For me the only problem would have been had I been asleep in bed and know know I lost power. Now Daivd is working on an alarm to let me know if the temp goes to low.
Ouch! That does not sound like fun at all! It is in the 70's here and is supposed to be near 80!
Wow Laurie! That's pretty intense -17 and no power. Some of us here in the south also have generators but they are used for hurricanes... If only we could all have madagascar weather at our homes.
It got down to something like 25F last night. It is never that cold here. The electric bill went up tremendously and I am having issues with humidity. *shakes fist*
Brrrr! That's quite cold! Glad you've got a generator so the chams don't get too chilly. Better dig out your thermal undies then, eh?! :D
Sabrina my electric bill last month we $533 can't wait until this one.

Tiff the only time I need long undies is when we lose power, my house stays 72 all winter, with a drop to 65 at night. If I can't at least be comfortable inside my home, I will leave this state and go back to California!!!!!
Now Daivd is working on an alarm to let me know if the temp goes to low.

Let me know if you need help with that. I sell something that could monitor temp in several different places, can alert you if power has been lost, could even start your generator if you have an electric start generator... Let me know Laurie! :)

BTW... last time I felt -17 I thought 'this is why I enjoy SoCal so much more than Chicago.' :D
Laurie I know what you mean. it gets really cold in South Dakota. :eek: I hate it soo much! I sadly don't have a generator, but we never really lose power here so I guess I'm lucky?? What other tips do you have if I don't have a generator? Also tonight its supposed to get to -13 here :(
If you're looking for an easy alarm for when your power goes out, buy a battery back up from an electronics store. When our power goes out, it sends out a really loud and annoying beep. Plus, it also powers things for a while so you have time to properly turn things off or get a generator going.
Ahhh nothing better than some cold weather to let you know you are alive. Wouldn't have it any other way here in Central Wisconsin, get to hit up the ski hill in town and went snowmobiling on Christmas with my parents.

So they say that temp drops at night are good for chams and I believe they are just as good for humans! Get out and ski something.

Although you bring up something I never would have though about before, maybe I should look into a little backup just in case
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