14 month old Nosy be Male - Who Loves Blue?!?

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Chamalot Chameleons
To answer some common questions I have been getting:

He is captive hatched hatched from a wild caught female

He has a very sweet temperament. He will eat out of your hand.

He seems to get stressed if he is outside for too long so I have been limiting his outside time. He sometimes gapes when you try to handle him but never hisses or bites or even attempts to bite.. Once he is out in your hand he is fine

I do not have a nosy be female for him so I have not bred him, However he fires up and head bobs like a crazy man if he catches a gimps of one of my Ambilobe girls... So I am sure he would be eager to breed if given the chance


Here is a video of him on youtube I took this morning (4/25) and also a few more photos of him


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