100 of Snakes seized.. Need home fast!


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Hey, Did you guys hear about this guy on craigslist down in Lousiana? Now _I've read_ that all his snakes are being seized by the state and many will be put down if the state cannot find homes quick for them.
I did a quicksearch and there are people trying to help.


Here's an article.

As reported by Channel 7's KPLC news, two people operating a snake breeding business in Oakdale Louisiana have been arrested.

David Beauchemin and Tawni Beauchemin-Eddy, owners of High End Herps, Inc., are in jail facing possible animal cruelty charges as suspicions from authorities grew as to whether the owners were feeding caged animals to the hungry snakes. (Please note that the photos on the web site are nothing like the conditions found at this residency.)

Twenty one of the 250 snakes found measured over 12 feet in length and have been removed because they were not properly permitted.

Assisted by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and a state herpetologist, the Louisiana Association of Reptile Keepers, Inc. (Louisiana ARK) have taken the large snakes to their facility.

"This is the worst case of animal abuse I've ever witnessed," said Joe Lewis, President of Louisiana ARK. "How can anyone live this way and call themselves human? We will continue to fight for our reptile friends and do what we can to help make everyone aware of proper care for them," he said.

Lewis expressed his concern over rescuers who could "discount all the reptiles as non-animals when it comes to suffering. True, dogs and cats are important but shouldn't all animals' suffering be equally as important. It broke our heart to see how horrible those animals have and will continue to suffer but we could do nothing more legally," he said.

Lewis said he and his wife, Joy, and friends, would like to work together to rescue the animals left there, which he said included chickens and stray cats, as well as many other snakes.

Investigators were able to enter the residency after a criminal complaint was filed by a woman who surrendered her Doberman to Tawni Beauchemin-Eddy who claimed she operated a "safe haven" for unwanted pets.

After seeing the dog for sale on-line, the woman filed the complaint.

More Info: Several postings on the Baton Rouge pets craigslist stated warnings of a woman operating Happy Hounds Rescue, whose web site has been taken down. Apparently, Tawni Beauchemin-Eddy, one of the owners of High End Herps, Inc. also took unwanted pets from owners promising them a "safe haven" at Happy Hounds Rescue.
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