10% off Fruit Fly Culturing Supplies!


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10% OFF Fruit Fly Culturing Supplies at Josh's Frogs!
Save $$$ and make your own fruit fly cultures! Use coupon code FFLIES at checkout. Offer good through September 13th, 2013.


Fruit Fly Media at Josh's Frogs!
Retains Moisture

The #1 killer of fruit fly cultures is low humidity. Therefore, Josh's Frogs Fruit Fly Media uses powdered potatoes rather than potato flakes. This not only allows for a more thorough mix of ingredients, but it also allows the media to hold more water. This keeps the media from drying out and prematurely killing the culture.

Great Smell

Josh's Frogs Fruit Fly Media contains two natural anti-bacterial/anti-fungal ingredients. This eliminates the nasty smell of a bacteria/fungi infected culture. Many customers compare the smell of our cultures to freshly baked bread.

High Yields

Bacteria, Fungus, and Molds compete for nutrients with the fruit flies. Josh's Frogs Fruit Fly Media fights these invaders so your fruit fly cultures produce not only more fruit flies, but healthier fruit flies. We have the best producing fruit fly media on the market, and have been constantly perfecting it since 2004. We approach fruit fly culturing from a scientific standpoint, and produce over 1200 32oz fruit fly cultures a week.

Packed with Vitamins and Color Enhancers

We believe that healthy fruit flies lead to healthy herps. Therefore, Josh's Frogs Fruit Fly media is full of vitamins and color enhancers from natural sources.

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32 oz Insect Cups and Lids at Josh's Frogs!
32 oz deli cups are great for rearing fruit flies, waxworms, and other feeder insects in. Vented Insect Cup Lids from Josh's Frogs are perfect for fruit fly cultures, wax moth cultures, and as a top for many deli cups that require ventilation. These great quality Vented Insect Cup Lids are suitable for use with most deli cups.
Only $0.41 and up after savings at Josh's Frogs!
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Bug Blade Mite Control Powder at Josh's Frogs!
Loose mites or fruit flies have you down? Then step up with Bug Blade, an all-natural powder from Josh's Frogs that will stop bugs in their tracks. Made of diatomaceous earth, Bug Blade will form a barrier that all kinds of small insects and other invertebrates will be unable to cross. Simply spread a thin layer of Bug Blade around the base of your vivarium and prevent escapee fruit flies from crawling to freedom! A small amount of Bug Blade around the base of fruit fly cultures will prevent the movement of mites from culture to culture. Bug Blade is also effective in protecting your vivarium from ant invaders!
Only $6.30 after savings at Josh's Frogs!
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Josh's Frogs will be at FROG DAY September 14th in Staten Island, NY! Click here for more details!
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