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  1. cham girl

    Flushing Eyes

    sterile saline 100 percent solution (NOT CLEANER) DOES WONDER FOR ME when i get an eye lash....and my chams ....I just drip not spray
  2. cham girl

    Little positive things...

  3. cham girl


    make sure they weigh him correctly before they dose him with meds
  4. cham girl

    Vet Costs

    I use pet assure it takes OFF 25 percent of my vet bill
  5. cham girl

    Could no believe this.... LIARS!

    sometimetimes there stuff goes off and they need to be told .. great job keeping up on the studies:)
  6. cham girl

    Could no believe this.... LIARS!

    did you let them know some stuff was off
  7. cham girl

    Blood from rectum

    yes kinyonga thanks for agreeing with me
  8. cham girl


    Is a not good enough to wash down wash down with soap and water and a swap out the plants .... just asking to learn
  9. cham girl

    Blood from rectum

    do they update for us to know
  10. cham girl

    Blood from rectum

    I know but i worry about these poor babies
  11. cham girl

    Blood from rectum

    gosh i hate it when they don't respond...... this is awesome^^^ advice
  12. cham girl

    Huge Amount of eggs laid!

    ultimately feeding alittle less and lowing temps of basking temps reduces amount of eggs laid, please do a fecal exam at the vet for parasites
  13. cham girl

    Help needed: Review info to be included in egg laying video

    On your lay bin I would not do 8+ inches you don’t want them to dig unnecessarily they usually go to the bottom of the bin and to dig so deep Wastes so much valuable energy some people put a couple feet of soil and the thing is so exhausted Unnecessarily I say 6 inches is fine
  14. cham girl


    thats strange since you can bring in a fresh fecal sample they should test that, if not don't worry you baby will just sleep when its dark
  15. cham girl

    Florida legal roaches

  16. cham girl

    Cham keeps closing his eye

    if there is NO obvious infection ,sterile SALINE 1OO percent saline drips to flush a speck of powder or shed or ? does wonders! if after a few attempts no luck then a vet
  17. cham girl

    Florida legal roaches

    Im in fl, what the easiest to breed low chitin/no wings/ I have 2 old ones that need soft stuff
  18. cham girl

    Florida legal roaches

    you have an amazing collection.
  19. cham girl

    Comment by 'cham girl' in media 'coming back from MBD'

    Gosh thank you so much! he has been thru some stuff , trying to make his life better as his new mom.
  20. cham girl

    Crickets-From boxes to bins...How do you do it?

    put in a piece of egg create they hide in it, then you transfer it
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