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  1. leedragon

    Rainbow Jackson’s horn looks pale

    how low?
  2. leedragon

    Rainbow Jackson’s horn looks pale

    You need to rotate feeders for a jacksons, atleast jacksonii jacksonii get bored of the same food quite quickly. have 5 or more different insects you rotate inbetween, waxmoth,s dubias, flies, p nivea, walking sticks. All dusted with plain calcium WITHOUT d3. Don´t forget to lower the night...
  3. leedragon

    Are paint fumes bad for chameleon health?

    Move the whole cage with the chameleon and everything out
  4. leedragon

    Am I ready for a Jackson’s chameleon

    you need calcium without d3 or vitamins. A real plant, big one like a ficus.
  5. leedragon

    questions about jacksons

    put a couple of frozen waterbotles in their cage, you help some. try to get a ac.
  6. leedragon


    Maybe but you don´t put chameleons on wind draft.
  7. leedragon


    27 degrees at the basking spot, 24-25 ambient temperature, 16 at night. No fans it draws humidity and chameleon avoids wind draft. Get a AC if you can.
  8. leedragon

    Anyone need a jackson???

    I´d take them all but I don´t live in america. (cue james brown or rammstein)
  9. leedragon

    Thoughts on pygmys

    The the issues on them on chameleonnews, pretty much all the basics you need to know.
  10. leedragon

    Yellow lip Parson’s

    I wanna pet it( and yepp I know we don´t do that with our chameleons)
  11. leedragon


    Necas use to have some threads on the chameleon groups on facebook on tips for how to take pictures of chameleon for a while ago
  12. leedragon

    Lazy Chamelon

    A AC should be the safest bet to lower the temperatures. I can not think of a direct problem switching to a bigger one in the future thou
  13. leedragon

    Lazy Chamelon

    Sup mate. You got a hoehnelii and the most important part isto give them low night temperatures ans cool day temperatures. Seem you about right. 16 C during the nights 27 at the basking spot during the day. I can not give you any advice for the lights, I am not current updated on what is the...
  14. leedragon

    Foliage ideas?

    Buy a big ass lush benjamin ficus and put in there. Pretty much all you need.
  15. leedragon

    Chameleon names

    I hate the damn series. But I liked ghost and the dragons so I start watching it when season 7 was about to come out. They messed up season 8 thou.
  16. leedragon

    Chameleon names

    No. seriously, the dude was a rapists, why do people cheer for the guy?
  17. leedragon

    Chameleon names

    Trust me, you´ll thank me later.
  18. leedragon

    Chameleon names

    Aight, bring heavy duty bags, salt, and duck tape.
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