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  1. leedragon

    Fuelleborni and werneri

    What ever happen to this species. I remember some years ago people had breeding pairs and CB youngs. Does anyone still have them? Or know someone who currently keep them?
  2. leedragon


    Who still have any merus? I haven´t seen them in a very long time. :eek:
  3. leedragon


    Not sure if allowed but i Think it´s of importance. The US together Ecuador goverment are planing to use the Galapagos Island for military operations. As a reptil comunity, give chameleons but I bet alot of people like tortoises and iguanas i thought you may want to read about this...
  4. leedragon

    what´s the reason.

    What is the reason Jacksons born in captivity looks so dull compared to their wc parents. I see often Jacksons which are born of Beautiful wc parents that end up with skew horns/ crooked horns, and dull colors?
  5. leedragon

    Who´s coming to Hamm?

    Who of you Beautiful bastards are coming to Hamm this september? what species are you planing to find or what species are you gonna sell? come on do a sneaky advertisment in this thread.
  6. leedragon


    Does somebody have the link for the study of chameleons not been able to convert beta coretene into vitamin A? I can not find the dman thing in google.
  7. leedragon

    who does still have merumontanus?

    Are anyone out there still keeping jacksonii merumontanus? I haven´t seen them around the forums i a real long time.
  8. leedragon

    madagascar plague outbreak

    I have been Reading that the plage has broken out in madagascar. as chameleon keepers this affect us all. I was wondering does anyone know legit organisation to donate for aid to the people over there? I feel like the Community here should chip in to try to give them a hand. After all don´t we...
  9. leedragon

    found something weird

  10. leedragon


    Anyone out there that wroks or has work with Brachylophus species?
  11. leedragon

    Replacement for turnip greens and collard greens.

    We don´t have those over here. so i wonder what could be use that is high in calcium and low in oxal accid for the bulk of the gutload? I read that nettle is a good choise?
  12. leedragon

    It has been a couple of years since the posted a new issue. Anyone knows when they may post new material?
  13. leedragon

    trioceros laterispinis

    I kinda missing threads about the more weird(cool) chameleosn latley. so Fire up. who is breeding those ones. how old are they, what does your set up look like. pics? yes post some pics.
  14. leedragon

    brookesia perarmata

    @Chris Anderson I read they they only can be found in Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. and just in the north part of the park. Is it true that this part of the park doesn´t allow any kind of visitors? On the dry season. where would it be the best places to look for it. which plants do they...
  15. leedragon

    Help me plan trip to madagascar !

    So I just recived my paycheck and I have just enough for a ticket. I have wanted to travel there for for about 20 years now so I just gonna say f*ck it and buy me a ticket. there is 2 chameleons that I absolutely must see Brookesia perarmanta and calumma crypticum. so aftter google a bit I...
  16. leedragon

    A new species of Choleoeimeria
  17. leedragon


    what ever happen to all johnstoniis, the eggs and their hatchlings that were flying all around the forum a while ago? did anyone kept any?
  18. leedragon

    spider in nature?

    is there any chameleon who is known to consume spider on regular basis? I do know they happen in their diet now and then but is there any chameleon specially known for this?
  19. leedragon

    p kuhli, uroplatus D3

    sO I having searching with no so much luck, write this question in a gecko forum with no answer and since I have being seing people posting stuff about dogs and what not in the other pets section here I am. Does anyone know how often and how much D3 shoud be given to flying geckos hatchlings...
  20. leedragon

    rieppeleon spinosum

    Hi I read in Necas book stump-tailed chameleons that rieppeleon spinosum experience winter temperaturs low as 8 C and LOWER? anyone who can share some light on this and how one should bring down the temperature ( how much lower every day )?
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