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  1. King4Zerg

    Off topic of chams -Hognose snake?-

    Hey guys! I was wondering if any of y'all know anything about western hognose snakes? I've been planning on getting one and there are some things that I can't find on websites and stuff. If any of you guys know anything about the following questions please reply: What type of bulb should I get...
  2. King4Zerg

    Live plant soil blocker?

    Hello, so I am finished building my cage now I'm buying the stuff for the inside and well I want to get live plants but I have a little demonic veiled cham who is going to eat the soil. Does anybody know a good solution to this where water can still get to the plant?
  3. King4Zerg

    Eating urates?

    Hello, so my cham (veiled) has recently started eating his urates. Is that bad for his health?
  4. King4Zerg

    Mesh type or size?

    Hi, I am building a cage and I've got two sides done but I need to know what type of mesh to use when it's finished. I know some of you have built cages so what type or what size did you use? -May God Bless You Always
  5. King4Zerg

    Thank you all!

    Hello, and welcome to this forum! Hi I wanted to start off by saying Thanks! My chameleon Dehaka has really started showing signs of curiosity and wanting to escape with few signs of aggressiveness, He has been climbing out of his cage when he gets the opportunity it really sucks when I'm...
  6. King4Zerg

    Getting colder and colder and colder and colder and colder and colder

    So I live in Florida and where I am it's getting in the thirty's at night. How can I keep it warmer for my veily cham?
  7. King4Zerg

    Tail prob?

    Hello, as I got up this morning I sprayed my chams cage and he is in the middle of shedding, but he was acting different, he wanted to come out of his cage as soon as I got close to his cage he got on the mesh and tried to follow me, so I let him out when I brought him out I noticed a small red...
  8. King4Zerg

    Question about crickets

    Hi, I had a question about my cricket's water... What do you use that's cheap and works perfect for a cricket?
  9. King4Zerg

    How to get stuck shed off of your chameleons tail

    How do you get rid of the stuck shedding? My chameleon shed about two weeks ago and his tail still has the shedding his full tail but it's not peeling or coming of What do I do?
  10. King4Zerg


    I'm sorry but I really need advice, where is a good place to buy crickets? Normal places in the USA that are in most states, or on a website. The place I started going to the crickets kept dying and then when I bought another hundred or so they came with little back bugs that started to eat the...
  11. King4Zerg

    Dragon Strand Medium/Large

    Hi, if I were to buy a dragon strand cage which one would be good for a 4month old chameleon I want this because he is out growing his cage by the months
  12. King4Zerg


    You told me that if I left my cage open with a plant in front of my cham he would climb on it!!! On his own time let him go out on his own RIGHT??? No instead he climb behind a SHELF and got lost I found him on some cords in the corner!!! I did what you said and it was wrong!
  13. King4Zerg


    If I where to put a plant in my cage for my veiled cham what type should I use? I was thinking about Pothos but I don't know if I should so I'm asking.
  14. King4Zerg


    I've been thinking about this it's not gonna happen for about a year but I was gonna ask how would I breed a male and female(I would have to buy one) chameleon I just want to know facts it's probably not gonna happen but I don't want my chameleon to die without babies. Please just facts of...
  15. King4Zerg

    Wild Chameleons SAFE

    Hi I'm proud to say that there are chameleons in my neighborhood! I would feel bad about this if the owners of the neighborhood where cutting down more trees, There not aloud to no more cutting trees down here AT ALL which is awesome! there is plenty of water for the chams lots of forest area...
  16. King4Zerg

    angry cham

    Hi, I have a Male veiled cham I know they get territorial and stuff but I want to know how to tame him when I put my hand in the viv he will either stay and hiss and snap sometimes he will come up and attack :( It sucks I want him out when I clean REALLY clean by spraying the leafs with soapy...
  17. King4Zerg


    Hi, my veiled used to climb on my arm and now he gets puffy and hissy and he thinks I'm a gummy bear, how should I get him out? I need to really clean the cage and get him out because I have to go through everything for his shedding's. What's a good way to tame and get him out of the cage? I saw...
  18. King4Zerg

    Shaking, looks like he is hurt

    Hi, my veiled chameleon just shed two days ago and ever since he has been shaking and he looks weak. What should I do? Did he shed to early? Also I've noticed he has been in the shade and on branches a lot more usually he is in green area and under the bulb.
  19. King4Zerg


    I know you should feed a chameleon mustard greens and a couple others but will he(my Veiled cham) eat them? How will I know that He will eat mustard greens or others in his food bowl?
  20. King4Zerg

    Grumpy pants

    Hello, I have a new chameleon and he started climbing on me about a week and a half ago. Now every time my hand gets close we hiss' and snaps at me. I was thinking of hand feeding with mealworms, is this a good think to do? Or should I leave him alone for a while??
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