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  1. DigitalBeetle

    China cabinet enclosure

    Changed some things up with my chams enclosure. New plants and some more sticks. What do yall think? Any suggestions??
  2. DigitalBeetle

    Mistking tips?

    I'm supposed to be getting a mistking system today. Any tips or tricks from people that have already set these up before?
  3. DigitalBeetle

    New photos

    Here's some new photos of our chameleon. Not Any Real Reason, Just Always Love Pics Of any chameleon. :) He's about 5 months old now. Can't imagine what his colors will look like when he's older. It blows our mind how much he changes between sheds.
  4. DigitalBeetle

    New cham!

    I've been lurking on here for a while and trying to learn as much as possible. I really appreciate this community and have learned a lot, thank yall for helping a guy out! I got a Panther chameleon baby from Craig Wyatt a few weeks ago and thought I should show him off. I think some other...
  5. DigitalBeetle

    Male or female??

    Haven't really thought about it too much but might be questioning if I got a boy or not. Anybody care to weigh their opinion please? ??
  6. DigitalBeetle

    Chameleon company?

    I've got most everything on the cage I'm building set up and was starting to look around at places to buy from. I really like Samson from chameleon company. Has anyone ever purchased from there before?
  7. DigitalBeetle

    Misting questions

    I'm new here and was wanting some opinions on misting systems. I've had chams before but always used a spray bottle. It's really a pain because my schedule is always different and thought it would be much better with an automatic system. I was planning on the mist king starter system. Is this...
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