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  1. coastal_chameleon

    basking lights for baby chameleons

    I know this has been discussed many times , but can someone please send me an amazon link to the correct incondesant basking bulbs for babies . plssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!
  2. coastal_chameleon

    Chameleon age

    Hello all, I was just wanted to see what's the age of you oldest panther chameleon ! Sex / Age
  3. coastal_chameleon

    Veild chameleon hatchling size

    Does anyone know if veilds and panthers hatch around the same size ? or are veilds bigger when they hatch ??? Google says they hatch out around 3-4 inches but that seems kinds big !!!
  4. coastal_chameleon

    Breeding weight

    Hello , I have a female that I hatched and she was the smallest from the clutch so I kept her . She's a year old now and is barely about to hit 50 grams . Both her sisters already laid a clutch so I was wondering if its even okay to pair her up even tho she's on the small side !
  5. coastal_chameleon

    Lobster roaches

    How the heck am I supposed to sort these lobster roaches ??? Should I do it just like dubias ?? I think they all would just climb out of my buckets !!
  6. coastal_chameleon

    Green banana roaches

    I just ordered some online because they look awesome !! I keep dubia hissers lobers and red runners already . Do you guys have any tips ?? Like humidity and diet ?? And can I keep them with just egg crates like all the others ?? Also if anyone is selling any pls let me know I would like to add on !
  7. coastal_chameleon


    does anyone know where I can purchase snails ?????
  8. coastal_chameleon


    hello guys ! just Sunday my male panther who is about 7 months old was started on panicur 3 days on ten days off and is now going on three days off but has not ate :( I need to have another fecal done in about 4 days but he has not ate :( seems like his hunger completely when away once we...
  9. coastal_chameleon

    Screen mesh

    Does anyone know where I can find screen mesh for a diy chameleon cage ? I need mesh that's used on the reptibreeze cages ! Or something similar !!
  10. coastal_chameleon


    just wondering if anyone out there has ever feed blue bottle LARVA . the reason I ask is because Rainbow meal worms lists them as okay to eat , and iv been giving them to my chames for some time now :(
  11. coastal_chameleon


    hello , I just recently started one of my chams on Panicur , I was wonder if anyone else has used nutribac once their chameleon has finished their parasite treatment ?? has anyone seen any results using this product ??
  12. coastal_chameleon

    All things chameleon ! new page by Bill Strand !
  13. coastal_chameleon

    Coccidia ?

    I know this not the best pic but yesterday I did my first fecal test on my female panther .this is the only thing I found that seemed abnormal .does this look like coccidia?!?!?
  14. coastal_chameleon

    My small collection :)

    Just thought I would share pics of my friends :))))
  15. coastal_chameleon

    female panther chameleon

    hello Guys and Gal's , I was wondering what special care female panther chameleons have vs males . do you guys use different multivitamins ? I heard females need more vitamin A in their diet , so I was thinking about using rapashy lod every other day I and offer a multivitamin every other week...
  16. coastal_chameleon

    vitamin a

    hello guys , I was wondering if anyone can help , I purchased 99 percent pure retinal vitamin a , i'm just unsure how much I should be giving my cham , I know they need about 250,000 ui /kg but im not sure how to even go about giving the proper dose . I know there's better/easier ways to give...
  17. coastal_chameleon

    mites in dubia colony

    hello , I just wanted to make this post to save someone from stressing out over mites in their dubia bins , im not sure what caused mites in my bin , maybe the roach chow I bought off ebay or contaminated fruits or veggies and the fact that my humidity was pretty high but the way I got rid of...
  18. coastal_chameleon

    exo terra incubator sucks

    my exo terra incubator wont drop in temps !!! its getting up to 87* !! I don't wanna try incubating in the closet as temps drop to 63 at night and 83 during the day ! I need something more reliable and consistent !!! what incubator should I get !!!!!
  19. coastal_chameleon

    retired panther chameleon

    Quick question , do males usually mate for the majority of their lifes , do any of you notice your males slowing down ? if so what age should I retire him ? last year he was chasing females !! this year hes been lazy and not showing much interest ...I mean he still gets the job done ;) but not...
  20. coastal_chameleon

    store bought grasshoppers or stick bugs ect

    I live in los Angeles California , i was wondering were i can buy insects other that the usual cricket super worms and dubia's ect ,i really want to try some stick bugs or grass hoppers ! I wanna add more variety to my chams diet as I have had him for years and im thinking of ways to treat him...
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