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  1. bodom85

    Some Questions

    I have a few food questions. First, how many crickets would you feed a baby veiled a day ( i know crickets arent the only thing too feed it, but its most common and i can base other quantities off of that, i have a skink and it seems to only like crickets so i will buy them most). also has...
  2. bodom85

    UVB Lighting

    I was wondering what UVB light to get. Most people seem to like the Reptisun. At the pet store they had a couple different Reptisuns, which one is a good one? i think they had a 2.0 a 5.0 an 8.0 and a 10.0
  3. bodom85

    I am getting a veiled

    In a week or so I plan to get a veiled. I have been doing loads of research and picture looking. It seems that every place has different things to say. I want to ask some questions of people who have had them and kept them successfuly. (warning* Im not a good speller) 1) For a baby veiled...
  4. bodom85

    Misting Chams.

    When you say misting chameleons, I know that you mist them, but how much? do you do it so that all the plants and the sides have drops on them?
  5. bodom85

    Does anyone here have a senegal cham.?

    I just got one, she is beautiful, but she has a hurt eye. I call her winky. if anyone can give me any pointers on it that would be nice. also i posted some questions on the health forum too. so if you read this here and know about senegals please go there and see if you can answer my questions...
  6. bodom85

    Senegal Help

    I just got a senegal on saturday. its a beautiful girl, but the pet store lady said it was attacked at the place they got it from and the eye is a bit messed up (im fine with that, my skink only has 2 toes on its back right leg). anyway it looks fine other than 1 or 2 bumps on the one side and...
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