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  1. FroggtheCham

    Medium Silkworm pods

    I also have medium silkworm pods available. 30-40 worms per pod. $5 plus shipping. PM me for a quote. Thanks.
  2. FroggtheCham

    Extra small and small silkworm pods

    I have extra small and small silkworm pods available. extra small are up to 0.5" and have about 50 per pod small are 0.5-1.0" and have about 40 per pod pods are $5 plus shipping, pm me for a shipping quote... Thanks!
  3. FroggtheCham

    A little eye candy

    A few pics of my two panther boys!! :D Jean-Pierre Tate
  4. FroggtheCham

    Small silkworm pods

    I have .5-1.0 inch silkworms available. 40 worms per pod, each pod is $5.00 plus shipping. PM me for a shipping quote.
  5. FroggtheCham

    Getting ready for bed

  6. FroggtheCham

    Leif the Igoona!

    Here are some pics of my Iguana.
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  8. FroggtheCham

    Silkworm Pods For Sale

    I have mostly 1.0 inch silkworms, with a few 1.5 inch available. prices per pod 25 for $5.00 50 for $10.00 75 for $15.00 100 for $20.00 These prices do not include shipping, please PM me with how many you would like and I'll get the shipping price for you. I will guarantee shipping...
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    This is one of Reptoman and TLChams little gems!!! :D
  10. FroggtheCham

    Oh no you don't!!!

    This is what Tate had to say about this....
  11. FroggtheCham

    Flyer for Jo.

    His name is Kite :p
  12. FroggtheCham

    Some new pics of the crew!!

  13. FroggtheCham

    As if I didn't have enough stress this last week!!!

    Tula just finished laying her first infertile clutch tonight. She did a great job and looks fairly good!!! I was on pins and needles all day. 44 infertile eggs later she has had a long warm mist drink and is tucked into bed!!! I'm so glad that is over!!!!
  14. FroggtheCham

    Baby Latch

    Here are some pics of baby Latch!!! Isn't he cute??? He is a probable sibling or cousin of Sabrina's little one!! How cool is that??
  15. FroggtheCham

    One more round.....

    Here is my last clutch of crestie eggs!! They hatched out this morning! While they are undoubtedly very cute, I am sad since they were my last two eggs :(. New Babies! thumbnail on bottom is baby from first clutch!!
  16. FroggtheCham

    Non-stick pan!! :)

    O.K. Teresa!!! This one is for you! :D
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  18. FroggtheCham

    More panther baby.....

    Here are a couple more of my panther baby. He is 3 inches STV and weighs 12g!!! Growing up nicely!!! :D
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