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  1. coastal_chameleon

    Meet Cricket the Recovery Chameleon

    thats only for veilds lol :) i think male but its a tricky pic !
  2. coastal_chameleon

    translucent piebald chameleon

    @Beman i think she has one !
  3. coastal_chameleon

    Carnivorous plant question

    amazon for 80 bucks ... i ended up getting an ro < distilling takes foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  4. coastal_chameleon

    Chameleon Species

    The pic is amazing !! Blues whites and reds :0
  5. coastal_chameleon

    Chameleon Species

    Thats what i thought ! I contacted him again last night and he said hes been trying to get a female to for a year now too ! He only had nose be x boraha hybrids "( it sounds tempting but i really want a pure nosy bora . i actually paired my nosy bora with one of my ambilobies because i wasnt...
  6. coastal_chameleon

    Chameleon Species

    Borla ")
  7. coastal_chameleon

    Chameleon Species

    oh Ohh yeah i msg him too ! He just recently got a male in !!!!!!! But same with frams farms they dont have a female "( so only hybrids "( this is my male borla ")))) i need to get more recent pics but hes not to friendly haha
  8. coastal_chameleon

    Chameleon Species

    I did :( :( no luck !!!!!!!! iv been searching for a year now , still no luck .
  9. coastal_chameleon

    Chameleon Species

    total of subject , but if anyone know where I can get a nosy boraha female please let me know !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. coastal_chameleon

    Chameleon Species

    I would kill for a parsons tho :((((( some day !
  11. coastal_chameleon

    Chameleon Species

    3 :) veild Panther and a Jacksons
  12. coastal_chameleon

    Serious Eye Condition

    Just a question ,this isn't the first time I heard someone say that warm water to us might be scalding to them , but I also hear that chameleons suffer from burns because they don't know they are being burned ???? so can they feel heat or not ???
  13. coastal_chameleon

    Cricket Care

    they are cannibalistic so always provide them with food and veggies for hydration . I would also add some egg crates to give them places to hide
  14. coastal_chameleon

    Cricket Care

    they need to be kept warm , somewhere in the mid 80 . they also need good ventilation , they do live short lives once they are adults so it could be that to !
  15. coastal_chameleon

    Tree branches?

    if your wifes not home stick in the oven for 30 min at 250 degrees
  16. coastal_chameleon

    Is she alright?

    that's why I stopped keeping snakes :( I felt terrible feeding pinkies (dead or alive) :( I bought some live to feed and I got home and I couldn't do it so I hand feed them till they ate on their own .
  17. coastal_chameleon

    Almost got them set up completely

    i would drop those pothos plants a bit lower . I like to leave the top six inches or so bare so they get he full benefit of your uvb light .
  18. coastal_chameleon

    Stink Bugs

    they are very secretive , they come at night time and wash all the dishes .
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