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  1. Pablothecow

    Possibly sick/dying Veiled

    My ~4 year old female Veiled has been blind for some time now, I've been syringe feeding her a special food the vet gave me, as well as giving her meal worms. Up until yesterday she had been drinking water and moving around just fine. I couldn't get her to drink water yesterday but did feed her...
  2. Pablothecow


    Please help! My ~3 year old veiled is blind in one eye, and is having problems with her other one now too. She keeps it closed all the time and only opens it for about two seconds sometimes if I agitate her enough. The vet gave me vitamin supplements for her eye, so that's good. My biggest...
  3. Pablothecow


    My Cham is keeping her left eye closed? I sometimes see her open it and it doesn't look like there's anything in it so why could she be doing this? Sorry it flipped the picture :\
  4. Pablothecow

    Can't/won't open eye??

    I noticed yesterday that my Cham had her left eye closed. She had her right one open all the way and it seemed fine. When I moved my hand in her cage I made her move and she opened her left eye a little bit but then closed it again and has left it closed. She seems to be eating and drinking ok...
  5. Pablothecow

    Finally Laying Eggs? A little Worried...

    I woke up this morning to hear weird scraping sounds coming from my chams cage. I couldnt find her anywhere in the cage and when i looked in the pot of her plant, i saw her digging a hole. I assume this means she is about to lay. But I'm worried that the pot might not be deep enough. I cant...
  6. Pablothecow

    Big lump? :(

    My Cham has a big like lump under her neck in front of her legs. What is this and how can I help her?
  7. Pablothecow

    Is my Cham Safe?

    I found this huge rubber tree plant that works great inside her cage. The problem is, my cham has a tendency to eat the leaves of whatever plant is in her cage. I'm worried that the sticky stuff that comes out of the leaves will hurt her. I give her lettuce almost every day because she enjoys...
  8. Pablothecow

    Aggressive Cham?

    How do you start to train your Cham to let you hold them? I have a very aggressive female Cham that freaks out whenever I try to hold her. I'm very gentle and stuff but she just hisses and tries to bite me. Is there any way that I can get her to let me hold her?
  9. Pablothecow


    What could I put on a possible burn on my chams nose? There is a black spot on her nose that another person said was a burn. Is there anything to help it heal without going to the vet?
  10. Pablothecow

    Is this a burn?! :(

    My cham was being really weird the other day and she had her two front legs on the top of the cage and she was like trying to get to the light or something. When she sits normally on the vine the light is about a little less than a foot above her. i think she may have burned her nose on the...
  11. Pablothecow

    So much happiness :D

    My Cham actually let me hold her the other day. she looked like she was having a hard time turning around on the screen of her cage so i decided to see if i could help her. i went to pick her up and she just willingly let go. she didnt freak out, try to bite me as usual or change colors at all...
  12. Pablothecow

    Happy cham mom!!

    I'm pretty sure when chams start to get new colors, it means they are maturing right? i just noticed these pretty blue spots on my panther!
  13. Pablothecow

    Worried :\

    i think my cham may be constipated... i havent seen her poop in about a week now... how to help her???
  14. Pablothecow


    is it normal for my cham to do this? she had started shedding about a week ago and it kinda stopped. but today i noticed that the same exact spots were shedding again today. like i noticed the shed on her jaw last week, it fell off, but now its shedding again?
  15. Pablothecow

    Info please??

    What is Gular Edema? what does it do exactly to chameleons? what are the signs beside the lump between their front legs?
  16. Pablothecow

    Getting a live plant??

    i will be getting a larger cage for my cham in the next couple of weeks. i thought that this would be a good time to try out a live plant. my main question is how to go about caring for the plant? like dont put fertilizer or plant food in the soil right? and use organic soil? the plant food is...
  17. Pablothecow

    Is this normal??

    My female veiled has been climbing around her cage alot in the past couple of days. is this normal? i know pacing around can mean that she wants to lay eggs, but she is still eating a lot and seems to want nothing to do with laying eggs. im confused.
  18. Pablothecow

    Fat Cham help?

    Is there any ways to slim down ur Cham other than reducing her food? She is very fat (from what i can tell) and I originally thought it was because she was going to lay eggs, which she still is. It just didn't happen the last couple of days. She is still showing the signs of needing to lay, like...
  19. Pablothecow


    Ok... So.. I had my female veiled in her laying bin for the past 24 hours. She didn't go down into the sand to dig tunnels at all. She spent all of her time in there trying to escape. She didn't seem interested in laying at all. So could it just b too early for her to lay? Even tho she was...
  20. Pablothecow

    Uh oh!

    OK so i have my girl in her laying bin. just as i was about to put the heat lamp over the bin, it died. she still has her uvb lamp. how long can she go without her heat lamp? the temperature in the room she is in is around 80 degrees. i will b able to get a new lamp tonight. i know being in the...
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