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  1. lainezor

    Possible infection

    The Jar for repashy says beta carotene and vitamin A supplement so I think it has both. I buy fresh vitamins and keep the superload in the fridge to extend its freshness too. I remember reading the vitamin A debate and there was also some speculation that for some reason silkworms are high in A...
  2. lainezor

    Possible infection

    He did not mention anything further than this email which I posted here. He didnt mention that it was contagious and he also said it doesnt need to be treated. Should I call and ask for metronidazole? I dont want myself or my other reptiles to catch this either. Is it possible that this disease...
  3. lainezor

    Possible infection

    So I have made a few threads on this website about Floyd, my 3.5 year old male panther chameleon and I have had my enclosure and routine approved by many of the senior members here so I will skip the chameleon info section and get straight into it. Floyd has been dark and spending time at the...
  4. lainezor

    In memory of Eugene

    Hello everyone, you may remember the story of Eugene my 3 year old veiled. I made a really long post on here a few months ago.I took him to a different reptile vet and she had told me it was a bad case of gout and that it is extremely painful for him and I should really consider putting him...
  5. lainezor

    What's your Instagram Account Name?

    @lainezor :)
  6. lainezor

    Eugene's medical mystery

    Hello guys, you might remember me from a post several months ago about Eugene's lumps. This is going to be a long story. I have been struggling for the last 9.5 months with my 2.5 year old male veiled chameleon Eugene. He has been through several vet trips and we still dont know what is going on...
  7. lainezor

    I don't think my cham is going to make it through the night

    If you can, get him outside for around 15-30 mins a day in natural sunlight and avoid synthetic d3 and watch the lumps. Its hard to tell with Eugene because I see him every day. Please let me know what your vet has to say, it might be the next step in healing for Eugene's mystery lumps. I will...
  8. lainezor

    I don't think my cham is going to make it through the night

    Hello, Eugene's mom here, its been 7 months of tests on his lumps and so far we know its not cancer, its not gout, its not bacterial or viral. Eugene has lumps on the same spots as your guy and we are working right now on trying to get him as much natural sunlight and keep him hydrated. So many...
  9. lainezor

    Veiled Chameleon always dark

    Do you have a laying bin setup for her? I havent had a female chameleon before but she looks like she might have eggs soon.
  10. lainezor

    3 year old male veiled lumps on body and tail

    2 months later I am here to tell you guys Eugene is still fighting but the allopurinol doesn't seem to be working. His bumps are still growing, something to note is that they are along the tail, left side of the spine and along the left front arm and hands and no bumps are on the back left leg...
  11. Syd the Werner's Chameleon

    Syd the Werner's Chameleon

  12. lainezor

    Funny pic

    My personal favourite:
  13. lainezor

    Possible gout?

    Pain medications can cause extra kidney issues especially if the cause of his swelling does in fact come from gout. My 3 year old veiled was diagnosed with gout about a month ago and I have been giving him allopurinol (a human medication that they had componded for vet use) every day for the...
  14. lainezor

    3 year old male veiled lumps on body and tail

    I am at about $600 now for just the vet bills. I still need to get the allopurinol when they can get it for me and an antibotic ointment for his tail as well. Ive been feeding him a bunch of soft foods like butterworms, silks and hornworms and that has been adding up too. I set up a gofundme...
  15. lainezor

    3 year old male veiled lumps on body and tail

    The vet got back to me today and said his uric acid levels are twice as high as they should be. He said that it should be ~600 and its at 1200. He said the phosphorus level is slightly elevated and one of the liver levels is slightly elevated but he thinks that is because the muscle enzyme level...
  16. lainezor

    3 year old male veiled lumps on body and tail

    The blood was taken pretty easily with no complications and he is home now and safe and sound I also got a fresh fecal right before the appointment to bring in and check out. He is still eating well and moving around a bit. His urate was chalk white so he doesnt seem to be dehydrated. I'm going...
  17. lainezor

    3 year old male veiled lumps on body and tail

    Thanks for your support, I will get him some silks. I managed to get the vet appointment today for 3:00 so I dont have to wait as long.
  18. lainezor

    3 year old male veiled lumps on body and tail

    ive been feeding him horns, silks and superworms because he is not able to move very much I worry that this might affect the bloodwork as well. they said there was 5 things they will be testing for. I am going in on wednesday to have it done. Poor little guy has to go back for the 3rd time and...
  19. lainezor

    3 year old male veiled lumps on body and tail

    After the biopsy of the lumps of Eugenes tail they (my vet and the exotic expert he spoke with) both suspect it might be gout. I am going to have him go in for bloodwork on Wednesday. Is there anything I should mention? He told me not to supplement with anything for the time being.
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