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  1. Lost Lake Chameleons


    Your choice, 350 each or both for 600.
  2. Lost Lake Chameleons

    Future Breeders...

    About that age where the hormones start kicking in...
  3. Lost Lake Chameleons

    ID needed...

    Can someone ID this? Latin preferred. It came up from the ground in my yard after the rains of Tropical Storm Fay. It is sitting in a jar in the dining room.
  4. Lost Lake Chameleons

    Breeder Sale...All Breeders are Available!!!

    It is time to make room for the new bloodlines! All of the panther breeders in my breeder section @ are for sale. Take your pick, 550 shipped each! I will post here once they are sold so you know what is available. Feel free to call if you want any...
  5. Lost Lake Chameleons

    Tamatave Male Breeder

    I am selling my breeder male Tamatave "Tom Cruise." He is a gorgeous fire engine red with a bunch of white in the chin. You may have seen pictures of him looking a bright orange a few months back, but he has turned a solid red now. He is one of the nicest chameleons as far as personality...
  6. Lost Lake Chameleons

    Brad Ramsey

    iso the maniac poster!!!! is everything ok?
  7. Lost Lake Chameleons

    Tom Cruise the "Dirt Eater"

    This WC Tamatave has a habit of eating LOTS of dirt. I have to wash his face off daily!!! Thank goodness he is totally calm and cool.
  8. Lost Lake Chameleons

    Would this photo pass for "TAIL" in the contest?

    To answer your question, chameleons do eat mice!!!!
  9. Lost Lake Chameleons

    PINK and BLUE Ankaramy X Nosy Cross Male

    ANKARAMY X NOSY BE CROSS We have a sub adult Ankarmy X Nosy Be cross for sale. This guy was raised here and is looking really cool. We are offering this guy as a pet and would like the future owner not to breed him. We purchased him as a youngster just to see what he would turn out like...
  10. Lost Lake Chameleons

    Dubia Roaches

    Time to sell off some of this colony!!!! I have mass quantities of all sizes. Pm, email me, or call me with your specific needs. Great prices!!!
  11. Lost Lake Chameleons

    8 Month Old Male Nosy Mitsios GORGEOUS (5 available)

    I have a group of 5 male Nosy Mitsios available. The guys were hatched in September and look absolutely amazing and are getting quite big. The yellows are like laser beams! I dont have access to photobucket at the moment, so I will post pictures late tonight. If you email me I can send you...
  12. Lost Lake Chameleons

    Juvenile Ambanja--Red background colors!

    I have this awesome little juvenile Ambanja. He came in on a Madagascar shipment about two months ago, and is growing like a weed. He has been treated, and is very healthy. Each day his background is coloring up with more and more red. He should be an excellent looking adult. Feeding on...
  13. Lost Lake Chameleons

    Deep Blue Nosy Be With Yellow Lips

    I have this WC Deep Blue nosy be with awesome yellow lips for sale. Has been treated and been with us for about 2 months. He has a chill attitude and chases females with no problems. He is $375. Call me if interested.
  14. Lost Lake Chameleons

    Introducing Garcia...

  15. Lost Lake Chameleons

    Awaiting a shed... (Pink Panther content)

    Can't wait for a shed or to to take away the blemishes. This guy is going to be one incredible pink.
  16. Lost Lake Chameleons

    What am I? Play the identification game!!!

    Have you seen any of my brothers? I am lost and need to find my home, do you know where it is?
  17. Lost Lake Chameleons

    Amazing young juvenile Ambanjas 2.2 available

    I have 2.2 young, cherry picked, juvenile Ambanjas. The first male looks like he is going to be a blue bar with some red throughout, and the second looks like he is going to be a KILLER blue bar. His bars at this age are very distinct. I also have two same aged females available. They are $300...
  18. Lost Lake Chameleons

    Ridiculously Blue Barred Ambanja Breeder

    This guy's bars are insane... Fired up and sleep colors turn the bars a blueish purple...
  19. Lost Lake Chameleons

    Beautiful Pink Ankaramy Male

    This guy is turning into a pink stud. Deeper and brighter pinks with the last shed. Breeding size and ready for a new home. He is $450. Call me if you are interested this guy.
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