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  1. Lukie Pookie

    Chameleon Won't Shoot his Tongue and has Bad Aim

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Furcifer pardalis male 7 months Handling - Only handled when purchased to view the chameleon and one time he came out of the enclosure while I was misting and I had to put him back inside. Feeding - I feed my chameleon 10 crickets everyday and give him...
  2. Lukie Pookie

    Panther Chameleon died today after throwing up

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Male ambilobe chameleon, 6 months old bought from a breeder back in April. Been in only my care since then. Handling - I used to handle my chameleon every 3-4 days but since I put him in his 24x24x48 I haven't held him Feeding - I feed my chameleon large...
  3. Lukie Pookie


    Hi, this seems to be my first problem with this chameleon and hopefully it is the last. Today after I got home from school to go check on my chameleon. Usually, I get home around 2:30 and I try to feed my chameleon 6 or 7 more crickets, but something was different today. After about 2 crickets...
  4. Lukie Pookie

    Update on the little Hulk

    Finally found the time to get some pictures of my little poser here, Bruce Banner :D IMG_2783 by lukedeleon, on Flickr IMG_2787 by lukedeleon, on Flickr IMG_2789 by lukedeleon, on Flickr IMG_2792 by lukedeleon, on Flickr IMG_2794 by lukedeleon, on Flickr IMG_2797 by...
  5. Lukie Pookie

    Bruce Banner

    An update of my red bar ambilobe's growth. He is growing at a steady rate now and he is about 3 1/2 months now. His dad is a green bodied blue bar ambilobe and his mother is a red bar. He is finally showing some steady greens on his body and his red bars are becoming more imminent. Well here he is!!
  6. Lukie Pookie

    Chameleon Licking Random Areas???

    So today I took out my little baby chameleon to go and chill in the sun a little bit. He was on this small rubber wire I put out for him to climb on and then he licked it about once or twice, but there was no water on it. I was about to go get the spray bottle because maybe he wanted a drink...
  7. Lukie Pookie

    Buying in Bulk?

    I have a month old panther chameleon, and I was wondering if it would be a good decision to buy 1000 crickets at a time. Would they outgrow my chameleon?
  8. Lukie Pookie

    New Baby Red Bar Panther Baby

    Hello Everyone A couple of weeks ago I picked up a baby panther chameleon from a breeder in London Ontario. The experience has been pretty sweet. The first two days he ate nothing, and then the next day he was chomping down on about 19 crickets!!:eek: He's doing well now, feeding on 15-20...
  9. Lukie Pookie

    Swollen Casque

    I just purchased a seemingly healthy veiled chameleon from an online ad. When I was picking up the chameleon from its previous owner, I realized that the casque was quite swollen. I did not think this to be abnormal, at the time. I also noticed that the previous owner left a surplus of crickets...
  10. Lukie Pookie

    Newbie Here!

    Hello. I recently just made an account on this site because I am trying to get into the world of chameleons. I am currently looking to buy a baby veiled chameleon and live in the Greater Toronto Area. Anyone looking to sell is welcome as well as provide locations to breeders or good places to...
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