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    Dark spots + pin worms

    Hi my panther Chameleon has recently got a weird dark spot on his knee and on his side. Anyone know what this? A few weeks ago I took him to the vet and they found out he has Pin worms and they gave him a de-wormer called “Pyrantel Pamoate”. Anyone have any idea what this is ? Age is 1yr and 3...
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    Cup feeding dubia roaches (Cham not eating)

    My 5 month old panther Chameleon stops eating his food all the time I don’t know why I try to keep him on a diet of crickets, roaches, and super worms to keep a variety in his diet. It’s so hard to feed him roaches. I try cup feeding him roaches but the roaches always stop moving in the cup and...
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    Chameleon Ate a Piece of foil

    Left for the weekend and my girlfriend thought it was a good idea to cover the dirt from one of his plants with foil because he kept trying to drink the water from the dirt. Came home and just watched him throw up for the first time and there was a piece of foil in his throw up. SMH!!!! You...
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    Panther keeps puffing throat every 3 seconds

    So I was late to work this morning and wasn’t able to get him his usual crickets so I fed him like 4-5 dubias but when I got back his humidity was low and now he’s puffing his throat every 3 seconds You think once he eats and gets hydrated he’ll be fine ? Anyone know why they do this ? Sorry...
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    What do you feed hornworms? For Panther Chameleon

    I have a Panther Chameleon and I recently bought a whole bunch of horn worms and they went through their food super fast. What can you feed these things? Also I see a lot of condensation in their cups they came with so I been keeping them open what’s up with that?
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    Sold as Nosy B I’m not sure anymore lol help

    Ok so I got this little guy a few months ago from LLLreptile at a reptile show. They said he was a Nosy B Panther. I’m not too sure anymore. What do you guys think? He’s around 4 months old. The last picture is a picture of a full grown adult I found online that has the same colors. Are they...
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    Dubia Roach Advice

    Hi I have a 3.5 month old Panther Chameleon. I been only feeding him crickets and some meal worms since I got him a month ago. I heard dubia roaches were better feeders so I bought 200 of them and they just came in. I’m not really sure about keeping these things in my apartment I have a small...
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