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    What kind of chameleon is this

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    Hornworms around san diego area

    Hello i am looking for hornworms to feed my cham, anyone has some for sale around the san diego area, lmk availability and price, thanks Sana
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    Black spot

    Hi all, my chameleon recently shed and i found this black spot on it, could it be a burn?, fungus?, scab?, bacteria?, cancer?, any ideas Thanks Sana
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    Nosy Be question

    Is it normal that some true blue nosy be won't develop the yellow mouth?, mine is 7 months and still has a white mouth, or is it something that i am misisng on his diet or care? Sana
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    I have been having trouble with a 5 month nosy be, he only eats 1-2 superworms every day or two, i am leaning towards parasites because he used to have a great appetite, i have read about reptaid, and tempted to using it even tough i am not sure he has parasites, it says that reptaid is all...
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    Keep your eye on your chameleon (graphic)

    Just wanted to share because i am bummed out, i took my chameleons out for some sun yesterday, i was in a room just inside my house keeping an eye on them, they where on a balcony on the second floor of our house, well, my 6 month blue bar somehow climb down 2 floors, went thru the garage and...
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    When chameleons shed do they stop eating?

    Hi everyone, one of my chameleons is having his first shed, its a nosy be, he is a picky eater, but now he stopped eating, i tought its because it is shedding, any toughts? Sana
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    Nosy be only likes superworms

    Hi everyone, i have a 5 month old nosy be, about 10 days ago it stopped eating crickets, maybe because i changed form brown to black crickets because the regular store where i get the browns was out and only had black crickets or maybe because i moved his cage and put it outside, it is still...
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    I have been reading a lot about parasites and health of chameleons, one that stands out is coccidia, i was wondering if chameleons in the wild get it and how will they get better?, if it is really contagious wouldn't a lot of chameleons in the wild have it and die from it, just courious Sana
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    Hello guys, came accross a website about this product, anyone using it?, does it work?, i might give it a try, its just once a month and if it can keep my chams healty, then why not Sana
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    Should i'd be chasing humidity

    Hi, i have two panther chameleons, each in it's own screen cage, i have an aquaking system and mist for 30 seconds every two hours 6 times a day, but the weather is really dry and cant get it past 40%, it stays at about 30%, should i be misting more or just not worry to much about it as long as...
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    Another snail questio

    Where i live we have a lot of land snails, they crawl up the walls outside our house, i see a lot squished on the road, and i was thinking if they are a good for feeding my chameleon, i believe they dont use any insecticide or poison for them because they grow big, anyways, your toughts Sana
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    To much calcium powder

    Hi, i have been dusting my crickets and worms with calcium without d3 everyday, i also hand feed, the thing is, i coat them with the stuff, not ghost white, but more off and off white, lol, anyways, sometimes my chameleon shoot its tounge and i feel it touch the cricket but is unable to get it...
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    Took my chameleon outside

    Hello all, my panther chameleon, his name is Elvis, btw, is around 5 months old, and today i left him outside on ficcus tree i bought some days ago, he turned really dark, looks like it is basking and taking in the sun, i am planning on doing this daily, or just taking the cage outside and leave...
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    House fly

    Well today while feedingmy chameleon i caught a big fly, so i offered to him, who greatfully ate it, when he caught it with his tounge i saw the fly for lack of a better word explode in his mouth, i left him for a minute or two to see if i could catch another, but when i returned i saw his mouth...
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    Male or Female

    Hi guys, could you help me out, i bought elvis he is a ambilobe blue bar panther chameleon about 3 weeks ago and it was sold to me as a male, i just want to make sure, if not i need to change the name to elvisina Thanks Sana
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    Misting, dripper or both

    Hello all, i am 3 week old hobby enthusiast and this will be my first post, lol, i bought a panther chameleon 3 weeks ago to the day, he is about 2 1/2-3 months, he is in a 16x16x30 screen cage with a diy dripper and a mistking system with 2 nozzles, my schedule for misting is 1 minute every 2...
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