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  1. Mawtyplant

    Trioceros cristatus enclosure

    Hellllo! community, can you show me your best trioceros cristatus enclosure with your best caring tip? What are your opinion on glass enclosure, uvb output, heating, temperatures? Thx!
  2. Mawtyplant

    Reallllly massive jacksonii jacksonii (machakos) femalle

    Hello Jacksonii lovers! So here! i got a machakos female imported with a bunch of xanth. She was at the petstore listed as a xanth male wich i disagree. Shes now with me and im still clueless.. compared with every female machakos ive ever seen, shes impressively big (not just the baby cooking...
  3. Mawtyplant

    Bradypodion good news

    So!!! A secund brady cluch here:) chester is now father’s of 11 beautiful healthy baby!!
  4. Mawtyplant

    Trioceros montinium

    Sooo!!! Need experience keeper here, i now have trioceros montinium couple.. nothing seem normal with them, the female sleep under cork.. anway! Who can tell me more about thoses weird chammy?:)
  5. Mawtyplant

    Parsonii differents that panthers?

    Hello! So im not awesome with Madagascar chameleons lol;) but i wonder.. where exactly parsonii comming from and why the parsonii husbandry so different that a panthers?
  6. Mawtyplant

    UVB lightening Zoomed HID? (especially for mountain sp)

    Hi! :) Im a big fan of the exo terra metal halide sunray for my mountain sp. luminosity is awesome and uvb is bomb (got good results with my melleri and so far Jackson and hoehnelii) So now the exoterra don't offer the HID anymore.. I hate them for that (I also hate them because most of their...
  7. Mawtyplant

    Looking for Canadian who want to try silkworm shipment!

    Hi! So I did breed tons of silkworms lately and im trying to run some experiments on shipping! im looking for people around the canada who are willing to pay for shipping only to receive silkworm (I want to run packing and temperatures test) Anyone?
  8. Mawtyplant

    Living moss at the bottom

    All right! big question! one person told me this can be a danger.. any experience here? (housing my bradypodion in bioactive viv, all with, dirt, plants moss, isopods, earthworm etc. etc at the bottom) what danger can this cause?
  9. Mawtyplant

    Bradypodion thamnobates crew

    So here they are! ;) nice and cool little chameleons
  10. Mawtyplant

    Is Madagascar still close?

    I recently eat about an import comming in December so.. is it open or closed? Thx;) Well Tanzania is my #1 but.. :/
  11. Mawtyplant

    Your Oldest Panther?..yop! ;)

    All in the title, i need encouragement because all i read now say between 2 and 7 years (2 year seem a bit dramatic). My panther is a grumpy cool boy 6.5 years old named Sam (reread my e-mail this morning and i freak out when i realize his age) he did slow down lately but still eat chase and...
  12. Mawtyplant

    Brokesia Thieli crew

    So ;) just because i found them really really awesome! here my crew!
  13. Mawtyplant

    Cold terrarium (for speacies like hoehnelii or bradypodion)

    Hi! I’m looking for a solution about the night drop for particular speacies.. thinking about using Peltier effect or something like that and I’m curious about if someone try to build a terrarium who can chill down during the night? Thanks!
  14. Mawtyplant

    Jacksonii jacksonii sexing

    Hello there!:) having an argument with a friend girl me this is a female.. what do you think?
  15. Mawtyplant

    Bradypodion thamnobates import (Canadian people only!)

    Hello all! In the next few month I will try to organize a second bradypodion import! (Last year all the animals arrived in stunning shape!) some interested? (Animals are cb)
  16. Mawtyplant

    My melleri crew! blessed to have!

    All right! no sick veiled today! spotlight on my healthy crew! 4 year sharing my life with them I still found them fascinating! I wish they can live up to 10 more years!! :)
  17. Mawtyplant

    Back legs paralysis, any person with experience?

    Hello all! I got here a veiled adult chameleon (with old mbd and probably lack of calcium for his entire life..) with a progressive back legs paralysis (it started with the tail, the the legs, not sure if he can poop) Front legs are ok but a bit weak too my impression.. i dont think this result...
  18. Mawtyplant

    Back legs seems paralyzed Male veiled

    Hello there, So in a pet shop where I go sometime, they ask for my advices about a chameleon (customer bring him.. impossible to have a clear history of what happen and on the husbandry so don't ask me too fill the help form please because I have no information.. and pointless to give me the...
  19. Mawtyplant

    Melleri hatching! :)

    All right! spring all over my house!!!:) my melleri hatch after 132 day of incubation!!! im so happy. More Canadian melleri!!!!:)
  20. Mawtyplant

    carpet chameleon in canada

    So! :P im looking desperately for a male carpet chameleon in canada.. or a person with eggs almost ready in the incubator! anyone here?! :( thanks!
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