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  1. LazardLizard

    Warning to the sqweamish!!!

    Just a heads up...... Don't know if its been mentioned yet- Got the latest issue of Reptiles Magazine(Augest) and there is some Cham stuff in it. The warning is for those that dont wish to see "things" eating other "things". I bring this up because I have seen posts explode over...
  2. LazardLizard

    Chameleon Bonsai

    Finally starting to put them together... Now the long wait for new growth to shape and trim for the look I'm going for. (Deep Tropical) -No, thats not all the lighting.:)-
  3. LazardLizard

    Installed fancy raindome today.

    Provides a nice gentle realistic drizzle. They are fully adjustable if you want more or less and a 5 pack is a whopping $3.00 at lowes. They can be run off pumps like most people use, I'm just using a hosebibb with a timer box. If you look for them they are called adjustable bubblers for...
  4. LazardLizard

    Adult Trans Veild Pic???

    I can't find a pic of an adult Trans. Veild, anyone have one? Only here what they are supposed to look like, I would like to see what they really look like as an adult.:)
  5. LazardLizard

    turquise or Blue?

    Picked this young man up at the Tampa show, showing both colors... * Nosy Be *
  6. LazardLizard

    See South Bay.... FL, represent! No Club???

    Sorry saw the South Bay thing and thought about all the FL members I see and many near by the Tampa Bay area and wonder why theres no Club.....
  7. LazardLizard

    Tampa Show..... Ehhh

    Dont feel bad if you missed the Tampa show, cause you didnt miss anything if chameleons are on the brain. With hopes of finding chameleons or atleast someone with something promising coming soon, my wife and I were let down. The show was 65% ball pythons morphs, 20% random imports(more then half...
  8. LazardLizard

    Hello everyone

    New here, but not new to Chams. I have owned many Chams of differant species. Vields were the worse-lol, it was like a babypalooza with so many eggs hatching and new eggs going in boxes. Anyway its nice to see a site devoted to Cham fanatics, definatly a great find! My wife and I got out of...
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