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  1. stugotz13

    Fred showin off

  2. stugotz13

    6 month female tongue issues

    Hello. I have raised her from an egg and recently noticed she is not extending her tongue, but rather creeping up on the crickets to eat. She gets Repashy lo-D on all prey items. T5 5.0 lighting. Misting system every hour for 45 seconds. Temps and humidity in acceptable range. Any thoughts...
  3. stugotz13

    Fred at 6 months

    Lots of thanks to all here for helping to raise this guy!
  4. stugotz13

    Incomplete shed

    Fred is 5 months old. Usually sheds in a 24 hour period every month. This time it was just his back half. It has been 3 days now. Humidity is correct, I have a misting unit. Is this something to worry about? Thank you in advance.
  5. stugotz13

    Panther locale question

    This stud is at a local shop and they do not have any info on him. Curious as to what locale you all may think he is. Thanks in advance.
  6. stugotz13

    Fred, just chillin and illin

  7. stugotz13

    What age do female panthers become receptive?

    Today, #1 was a color I never saw before. She is 5 months now. Just wondering if this is a sign I should get a laying bin ready? Thanks in advance
  8. stugotz13

    This week Fred is orange

  9. stugotz13

    Fred and a new phone

    4 months old and lit up!
  10. stugotz13

    Sperm Plug?

    Fred expelled the white object seen in the pics from his vent this morning. He is approaching 4 months old and healthy. I assume it is a sperm plug? Thank you in advance.
  11. stugotz13

    Young male eating his branches

    Hello everyone, Fred here is a 3 month old Amilobe who has suddenly acquired an affinity to eating the "hair like" bark from his branches. Something I should worry about? Thank you all in advance.
  12. stugotz13

    Different color on eace side

    Never saw him do this before. Pics taken at the same time. Pretty cool.
  13. stugotz13

    Fred at 3 months

  14. stugotz13

    #1 from egg to 4 months

  15. stugotz13

    3 months and looking good!

    Male and Female, both hatched in Sept 2019
  16. stugotz13

    Baby Panther Tail Problem, tip turned black

    Hello, this is #1, she is a month old and seems quite healthy. The tip of her tail just turned black a few days ago. She did shed once and I dont remember seeing any retained shed, but could be mistaken. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.
  17. stugotz13

    #2 Hatched...Boy or Girl?

    Thank you all very much in advance.
  18. stugotz13

    Male or Female hatchling

    Hello! I was lucky enough to get two Panther hatched so far. Here is the little bugger at 3 days old. Just curious as to what you all think as to its gender. Patiently waiting for #2 to hatch. Thank you in advance.
  19. stugotz13

    New guy here

    Hello everyone, new here. Just getting back into Chams after a brief hiatus. I primarily collected the large Vipers. Gabbys, Rhinos, and Puffs, etc... but always enjoyed Chameleons. So I am at it again, I now have an Andapa and an Amilobe. Look forward to the ride.
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