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  1. Monkeykungphu

    1.5 yr old male Ambilobe Panther

    Due to a recent increase in the amount of traveling I'm doing for the company I work for, I am selling my year & 1/2 old male Ambilobe panther chameleon. I hate to let this guy go, he's been a joy to keep & watch. His sire is Hefner from Red Island chams. He's been nothing but completely...
  2. Monkeykungphu

    Egyptian pose, Nugget eating, closet enclosure, & Mist King videos

    Took a few vids recently.... Nugget posing like an Egyptian (please excuse the wife's phone chit chat in the background.. :D Bonus points to anyone who can name the game that you hear in the background as well! ) Nugget eating, shots of Ozwald &...
  3. Monkeykungphu

    Vids of Nugget & Ozwald

    We got a new camera for Christmas. :D Nugget at about 9 mo's old: Oswald (aka Clint aka Oz) drinking: Cage & both chams...
  4. Monkeykungphu

    Nugget & a few more pics.

    Few shots I recently of shots I got of Nugget at 6 months. I'll try to get some shots of him fired up this coming weekend 7 post them. He gets really bright yellows, oranges, & blues. The green pretty much goes away. Looks much like his dad Hefner. Nuggets & Clints closet...
  5. Monkeykungphu

    Nugget & Clint

    Nugget (5 month old Ambilobe) Clint (~ 1 year old Nosey Be) Their double enclosure I built about a week ago
  6. Monkeykungphu

    Double closet cage complete!

    Not sure if any of you saw my post on the closet cage design that I did in Google Sketch Up a few months ago? Well, I finally got around to putting it together this weekened! :D Each side is roughly 30"X54"X24". I...
  7. Monkeykungphu

    So uh.... chameleons really do grow FAAAST!

    This was Nugget on the day I got him (July 13th): This is Nugget yesterday: 8 weeks can really make a difference!! :eek:
  8. Monkeykungphu

    Skink that lays eggs & has live birth

    Interesting article by National Geographic about a skink species that lays eggs & also gives live birth. Thought I'd share. :)
  9. Monkeykungphu

    Gulping down a superworm???

    First time I've seen my chameleon do this... so bear with me if it sounds like a silly question. I just went to feed my 4.5 mo old ambilobe panther a small superworm off my hand, when he shot it with his tongue, he just retracted back in his mouth without chewing at all! I was like uh...
  10. Monkeykungphu

    Starcraft 2?

    Any other chameleon keepers out there real time strategy players? I picked up Starcraft 2 last week & it's pretty amazing. I actually come from a Dawn of War background. Never played the original Starcraft a whole lot. Having much fun with #2 though. They worked on it a really long...
  11. Monkeykungphu

    A few picks of my 4 mo. old ambilobe, Nugget!

    I think we're finally done changing the little guy's name, we decided on Nugget. :D Cleaned & rearranged his cage this morning... The sire is Hefner from Red Island.
  12. Monkeykungphu

    Are T4 bulbs safe for chameleons?

    Currently I'm using a RepSun 18" 5.0 bulb & a 40 watt basking light over a cage that's 36" tall, 30" wide & 18" deep. I'll eventually get a 36" double fixture with a 5.0 & a 6500K flouro for plant growth help & extra light. It may be a couple of months before I get the double fixture. The...
  13. Monkeykungphu

    Panther baby

    Well, after months of reading & obsessing, I finally got a baby panther! It's been a while since I've kept a chameleon. I used to have a veiled a long time ago. The panther showed up this morning & started drinking immediately. Also put down a bunch of crickets today. He's an awesome little...
  14. Monkeykungphu

    Sketch Up Closet Cage Concept

    Was killing some time with Sketchup (it's free 3D design software) & came up with a layout for my closet cage. Thought I'd share some pics. I've been doing some slate tile work in my house, so I'm planning on making the bottom sloped with tile to a drain in the middle. The back & sides...
  15. Monkeykungphu

    Leopard tortoise & sub-adult bearded dragon (pic HEAVY)

    Well, since I can't post up any pictures of a chameleon because I don't have any yet, I figured I would post some of my other reptiles. This is Louie, I've had him for about 3 months now. Got him from a co-worker who could no longer keep him. She gave him to me for free with the 40 gal...
  16. Monkeykungphu

    Cricket virus or heat causing deaths?

    Just curious if the last batch of crickets I received had the cricket virus or were dying because of outdoor temperatures? I got 1000 - 1/2" delivered to my house in North Dallas at the beginning of May. When I initially opened the shipping box, I noticed that a few of the crickets were lying...
  17. Monkeykungphu

    Time Lizard Extinction Article

    Has anyone seen these articles? Makes you think... pretty sad really. Buyer beware.... This one is on the extinction of lizards,8599,1989115,00.html?hpt=C2 Another Time article about Madagascar. Beautiful panther in the article picture...
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