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    Every one loves a baby pic ?

    I thought I would share a few pics that I took this morning hope you enjoy ?
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    Coupon CODE

    I just made a purchase yesterday 5/1/2020 from Josh’s frogs and just hit the $100 mark to get free shipping then came across a coupon code I thought I would share if anyone is interested in saving some cash. Here’s a 15% off code REPTILIANGARDEN
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    Deals!!! On OfferUp

    I’m always looking for reptile stuff and came across this awesome deal. I couldn’t believe it and they wanted $50 OBO so I offered $35 and they agreed. I got a brand new SolorMeter 6.5R for $35
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    Another EARTHQUAKE 7.1

    Just had another earthquake this time even bigger then that last at 7.1 magnitude. I’m only 50 miles from where it was centered. Oh boy was my house was rocking.
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    Carpet Cham feeding with a 360 HD 4K

    Just came across this carpet chameleon feeding video with a 360 HD 4K camera setup inside the terrarium on YouTube thought it would be cool to share
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    Chameleon breeder podcast Season 4 Episode 1 and update Episode 09 Who else is thinking about changing there hydration routine? I have listened to both episodes about a hand full of times...
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    Alternate ClearSide DIY

    So today I decided on using this to help with humidity in my Panther setup. I didn’t know if I would like how my cage would turn out using the other ClearSide diy in the forum. So I went this route because if I didn’t like it I can just simply remove it. And my local Walmart had it on clearance...
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