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  1. stephencartolano

    New documentary featuring chameleons

    No prob guys! Its a good one, theres a couple panthers in there that I can't ID either
  2. stephencartolano

    New documentary featuring chameleons

    Thought some of you would enjoy this documentary on madagascar! Ive seen every documentary regarding chameleons including the two I purchased from the bookstore, but I was surprised when I found this one I hadn't seen. its 50 minutes long and...
  3. stephencartolano

    Completely yellow!!

    Holy crap man, Charles is ridicululous! He's turning into a simpsons character lol
  4. stephencartolano

    some nice pictures....

    Maybe a video tour of your facilities? I think that would be awesome if you could manage it!
  5. stephencartolano

    Chameleons viewed in infrared lighting

    It makes me happy to see two different mods interested in my thread! This is a link to an infrared photo, its interesting to see a landscape in a totally different color spectrum, I'm wondering if chameleons will look purple or white or anything else that might be interesting >...
  6. stephencartolano

    Chameleons viewed in infrared lighting

    You really should! otherwise I'll have to wait until I get my own
  7. stephencartolano

    Chameleons viewed in infrared lighting

    I've recently come across photos taken in the infrared light spectrum and its pretty spectacular to see the difference, Im wondering if anyone has ever taken infrared photos of different chameleons. Ive read that chameleons can see infrared light so I'm interested in seeing what colors come out...
  8. stephencartolano

    Chameleon whisperer

    awesome video, I can't wait to get one
  9. stephencartolano

    some nice pictures....

    Breeders in america need to start working with furcifer minor, these pictures are amazing, SOMEONE GET ON THIS, PLEAAASEE! Thanks for this post though, I just went through 50+ pages of amazing photos :)
  10. stephencartolano

    great video.

    Ive seen it up a few times, but its not big deal :) theres always people who haven't.. At least it wasn't that "true facts about chameleons" one, thats posted here at least once a week hahah
  11. stephencartolano

    Sharptooths new clothes

    That is the most beautiful one I've ever seen!
  12. stephencartolano

    Who's on Instagram???

    same screen name (stephencartolano) as the one here on cf, I just posted a few photos from the san diego super show, and sometimes I post chameleon drawings hahaha :)
  13. stephencartolano

    San Diego Reptile Show

    Ill be there just to look around and hopefully see some cool panthers hahah
  14. stephencartolano

    I want a big pet! Black Throat, or Aldabra?

    I think it would be rad to have a huge monitor, if you end up going for it keep us updated!
  15. stephencartolano

    Welcome home Grimbold

    Hook us up with those recent pics :D!!!
  16. stephencartolano

    Thinking outside the box!

    how do you get him in and out? hahaha
  17. stephencartolano

    Guess who saw his girly today...!!

    wow, ambanja right? he's awesome!
  18. stephencartolano

    Chameleon Forums Art Gallery

    I attached a chameleon drawing I've done of Padre, more of my art is on my tumblr >
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