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  1. Monkeykungphu

    1.5 yr old male Ambilobe Panther

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  2. Monkeykungphu

    1.5 yr old male Ambilobe Panther

    Due to a recent increase in the amount of traveling I'm doing for the company I work for, I am selling my year & 1/2 old male Ambilobe panther chameleon. I hate to let this guy go, he's been a joy to keep & watch. His sire is Hefner from Red Island chams. He's been nothing but completely...
  3. Monkeykungphu

    Rain System

    I had a similiar rain system set up. You'll need bigger holes in your rubber tubing to keep them from clogging. I used a drill bit & drilled holes through the tubing. Be careful balance of the hole size though.... if you make them too big, you'll just get a stream of water instead of "drops"...
  4. Monkeykungphu

    Egyptian pose, Nugget eating, closet enclosure, & Mist King videos

    Thanks! It's extremely easy to install the system. I literally had mine installed in less than an hour after I opened the box. That's of course with only two cages too! Might take you a little longer with your setup Andrew, but it's still a cinch! :D
  5. Monkeykungphu

    Video of Stanley eating strawberries

    That's awesome. I need to give strawberries a whirl with my panthers..
  6. Monkeykungphu

    Egyptian pose, Nugget eating, closet enclosure, & Mist King videos

    I've got a 4' 6500k flouro above the cages along with their reptisun 5.0 uvb. I think the extra light helps. I just got the Mist King a week ago which will definitely help, but before I used my hand mister to soak the cages/plants really well at least twice a day. Pothos are pretty tough...
  7. Monkeykungphu

    Egyptian pose, Nugget eating, closet enclosure, & Mist King videos

    Not long, especially with Nugget. He's a hog. Did you glue some screen to the back of the jug so the crickets climb up? Make sure you put a lot of hot glue around the perimeter so the crickets can get back there, because they will if you dont! I tried to place the screen in the jug in site...
  8. Monkeykungphu

    Egyptian pose, Nugget eating, closet enclosure, & Mist King videos

    Took a few vids recently.... Nugget posing like an Egyptian (please excuse the wife's phone chit chat in the background.. :D Bonus points to anyone who can name the game that you hear in the background as well! ) Nugget eating, shots of Ozwald &...
  9. Monkeykungphu

    Mistking Arrived

    Right on, I just got mine this past Monday for my two chams & it's fantastic! Assembly was surprisingly easy once I got started. Only thing I really needed, that I didn't have around the house, was a 9/16" spade bit to drill a hole in the lower side of my 5 gal bucket reservoir. That's the...
  10. Monkeykungphu

    black tipped tail, help!

    Best wishes on a good recovery!
  11. Monkeykungphu

    The Clint Eastwood of Panther Chameleons

    He's awesome Ray! :D
  12. Monkeykungphu

    Vids of Nugget & Ozwald

    We got a new camera for Christmas. :D Nugget at about 9 mo's old: Oswald (aka Clint aka Oz) drinking: Cage & both chams...
  13. Monkeykungphu

    Nugget & a few more pics.

    Few shots I recently of shots I got of Nugget at 6 months. I'll try to get some shots of him fired up this coming weekend 7 post them. He gets really bright yellows, oranges, & blues. The green pretty much goes away. Looks much like his dad Hefner. Nuggets & Clints closet...
  14. Monkeykungphu

    Sweet P's Morning Shower

    She looks really happy! Nice enlosure! :D
  15. Monkeykungphu

    Lighting system suggestions plz!!!!!

    Pics of your setup would be awesome!! It sounds great! :D (or, have you already posted some here at some point?)
  16. Monkeykungphu


    Perdy!! He's gonna big a big one! :D
  17. Monkeykungphu

    Lighting system suggestions plz!!!!!

    I would use a double 4' fixture with one 5.0 UVB bulb (probably Repti-Sun) & one regular 6500k daylight bulb for additional brightness & to help your plants out.
  18. Monkeykungphu

    Has anyone ever been bitten?

    Man!!! That's a bold move but at least you saved the melleri's life! I'd say the scar was worth it! :D
  19. Monkeykungphu

    Has anyone ever been bitten?

    My 5 months old Ambilobe Nugget bit me last weekend when I went to pick him up off the floor of his cage. Drew a little blood, but didnt' really hurt too much. He's done a lot of "bluff" biting up til that point, Nugget's not bluffing no more. :D He was on the bottom of his cage exploring...
  20. Monkeykungphu

    Drip system setup

    This is exactly what I was thinking of doing the other night! I'll have to give it a shot. :D
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