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  1. milliemayooo

    Chameleon egg bound

    Hello, my veiled chameleon is we think 1 year and 4 months old and we aren’t sure weather she is going to lay her eggs or not, she doesn’t look fat but she does have to lumps either side of the base of her tail that have been there for a couple weeks and she hasn’t been eating for a few days. We...
  2. milliemayooo

    Schefflera arb gold cappella

    I have just bought a schefflera arb gold Capella plant for my chameleon but just wondered if it’s safe or not could someone tell me please
  3. milliemayooo

    Chameleon change in behaviour

    Hi , my female veiled chameleon is about 1 year old we think and has stated to not eat much at all she’s only eating a couple of medium sized locusts a day if that . Also she has been walking around on the floor a lot and tapping at the glass as if she wants to come out but when we go over and...
  4. milliemayooo

    Is this normal ?

    So my female veiled chameleon has been sitting under her heat lamp for about 2 days straight and hasn't moved at all she only moves her head slightly when we feed her . Normally when we spray her with water She runs away but now we have been spraying her she doesn't move . She has been looking...
  5. milliemayooo

    Feeding to much or to little

    When I first got my chameleon we were told that she was 2 months old (i don’t think she was as she was the size of my 9 9 yr old brothers thumb as shown in profile Pic so we don’t know her actual age )they also told us that she is a female veiled chameleon. They said that we should feed her...
  6. milliemayooo

    Stuck hair in throat

    My chameleon has got a hair stuck in her throats and keeps holding her mouth open ,what should I do
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