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  1. Charliefoxtrot98

    Chameleon not hunting

    Good evening everyone. My female veiled chameleon doesn’t seem to want to hunt on her own. I may be part of the issue because I was hand feeding her, but im not sure how to undo what I did. I put crickets in the bottom of her enclosure only to come home to them still at the bottom. Any suggestions!?
  2. Charliefoxtrot98

    UVB Bulbs Keep Blowing!! Please Help!

    This will be my 4th bulb I need to replace within the last 2 months. Im guessing my mister is the reason behind it but I cant tell. Is there any UVB lights I can use with a clear plastic across so water vapor cant get on the bulb? Or maybe a different nozzle for the mist king will help? I turned...
  3. Charliefoxtrot98

    Veiled Chameleon Post Egg Laying

    Good afternoon everyone! My chameleon laid her very first batch of eggs. She looks skinny and a little lethargic. I offered her a couple superworms and she went right for them and I gave her a bit of water. My questions is, what is the “proper” procedure to get her up back and running? She’s...
  4. Charliefoxtrot98

    Need help with drainage!

    Good evening everyone! I have recently upgraded to one of our sites sponsors DIY 24x24x48 jumbo cage. My question is does anyone have an ideas on what I can do for a drainage solution? I was looking at the Dragon Strand trays but im not sure if they will accommodate my cage. I also looked at...
  5. Charliefoxtrot98

    Grow light for Veiled enclosure

    Good afternoon everyone! I have been doing my research and cant seem to find a solid answer as to whether or not a grow light in my Veiled’s enclosure will harm her or not. My current issue is that every time I put a plant in her cage, a few weeks later they begin to lose their leaves and die...
  6. Charliefoxtrot98


    So I recently bought a nice one from Amazon it got a little wet hahah! Thing is shot now and wont work. Any suggestions of which one to get that works well when wet and accurate?
  7. Charliefoxtrot98

    Lets try this again

    After the absolute fail of attempting to keep a dwarf umbreall tree in my enclosure, I have decided to try it once more. I got a nice healthy one from Home Depot, took out 1/2 of the top soil and replaced it with organic soil and rocks on top. Any suggestions of how to keep it alive this time...
  8. Charliefoxtrot98

    Soldier Fly Larvae & Silk Worms

    So I just ordered some silk worms along with Soldier Fly Larvae from one of our sponsors. My question being, what do I feed both of them? I read that the Silk Worms need Mulberry leaves and I can feed the Soldier Fly Larvae scraps and such? Anyone have some input so I can ensure they are gut...
  9. Charliefoxtrot98

    Veiled Chameleon Branches

    Can anyone recommend branches or purches that I can out into my cage? Thanks!
  10. Charliefoxtrot98

    Juvenile Female Veiled Chameleon

    Good morning everyone! I was just curious as to what I should try and switch to see what my female Veiled will potentially like as far as food. I have been feeding her large crickets but want to switch things up because I do not want her to get bored. Anyone suggest what I should try? I was...
  11. Charliefoxtrot98

    Chameleon Color

    Im not quite sure why, but my female veiled randomly turns a grey color with stripes. Any reason as to why?
  12. Charliefoxtrot98

    Clean Cut Blown Bulb?

    So I come home this evening to find this.. Its a new bulb and its been fine for 4 days now. Came home to a dark cage and was like wtf? Come to find out the bulb broke. The thing that confuses me is that its a clean break. Has anyone dealt with this before!
  13. Charliefoxtrot98

    New Veild Chameleon Owner

    Good evening everyone! First and foremost, im so glad I came across this forum! Ive leaned so much about my new Veiled it’s fascinating! My question is, am I going in the right direction as far as setup and care? I have a juvenile female Veiled Chameleon. Currently I have the two bulb light...
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